Friday, 13 April 2018

LOCAL FOCUS | Ballymoney Spring Fair 2018

The Cherry Blossoms are starting to bloom, the sun is just around the corner, Spring is most definitely in the air and no more so than in Ballymoney this weekend when the annual Ballymoney Spring Fair takes place.

Ballymoney Spring Fair 2018, The Style Guide Blog, Northern Ireland style

If you, like me, are local or near to Ballymoney this is the weekend to get out and about to enjoy what the town has to offer. There are events, style shows, entertainment for the kids and most importantly... DISCOUNTS!


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Blogging; Dishonesty, the lack of integrity and transparency

I had stepped back for a while recently. From most forms of social media. While this was an unintentional break due to my health, it did give me pause to reassess what I myself consumed on a daily basis online.

I have always read blogs. I've never really been one for Youtube, but reading blogs was my way of consuming realistic opinion based content. In the beginnings that's what blogs were. A way to cut through the glossy, photoshopped paid-for-placement in magazines. It was a way to relate to real people who shared with us their true selves, their honest opinions and, sometimes, a peak into their life behind the scenes. It was a very positive movement... at the time.

Since then and beginning with the 'rise of the influencer' there has been a change. Not a soft turning change but a crashing tidal wave of a turn in the trust that so many bloggers spent a lot of their energies building up with their communities and none are more angered than those of us who have striven to be transparent, open and as honest as possible.

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