Tuesday, 6 March 2018

10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under £20

It's been too long since I've put words to these pages but that's a story for another day because today the focus is on all the brilliant and fantastic Mums out there! It's safe to say we all find Mother's Day gifts hard to navigate, nothing ever seems enough to say thank you to someone who has been such a huge part of your life...

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Of course, in an ideal world, who wouldn't love to treat their Mum to an afternoon tea at a swanky hotel, followed by a spa session and finished with a dinner out somewhere accompanied by a thoughtful gift? If you're anything like me you feel your Mum deserves the world and more. It's hard not to feel disheartened when so many gift guides are aimed at a higher budget than you can afford so I've picked out 10 Mother's Day gift ideas under £20 to help you out in choosing a lovely token of appreciation this Mother's Day.

10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under £20, The Style Guide Blog, Mum gifts, gifts for her
Flowers (from £18)/ Gold Initial Mug (£8)/ Mum in a Million Candle (£12)/ Mum's Day Off PJ Set  (£10)/ Lily O'Brien's Chocolates (£9.60)/ Pink Fluffy Cardigan (£16)/ Photo Frame (£15)/ Pink Gin (£13)/ Feather & Down (from £6)/ Velvet Ribbon Hat (£7.50)

There are lots to choose from, with price points that won't make your eyes water and trust me, your Mum doesn't want you to stress about a present for her. This is something I've learned since becoming a Mum myself and finally learning to listen to my own Mum... Any Mum would hate to think of their baby (no matter their age!) stretching their budget to breaking point just to buy them a gift. Every year I hound my own Mum with questions about what she'd like. I watch my husband and The Kid stressing about presents for me, in reality all I want is a nice sleep in, breakfast in bed, someone to make dinner and a small token with maybe a card. That's all. It's all in the thought, not the price tag - sounds cliche but it's so incredibly true.

Maybe start with a quirky handmade card like the Wonder Woman one pictured up above from the fab Leopard Print Cards. Well priced and you don't have to queue up at the card stand in your local supermarket - win / win!

If you do want to stretch the boat out a little you still don't need to spend a huge chunk of your budget on a gift, there are many options that may seem expensive but are actually pretty affordable! Flowers for instance, where so many websites and florists are offering magnificent bouquets for £29.99 and upwards, you could opt to go for something a little different and choose a Mother's Day Bouquet from Bloom & Wild. If you wanted to you could also decide to go for a subscription flower service which costs just £18 per month.

Or how about a comfort-themed gift. You could put together a little budget friendly hamper of some pyjamas, a cosy fluffy cardigan and a lovely scented candle. George at Asda always have fantastic ranges available in a wide spectrum of sizes and their prices are so reasonable you could stretch to a couple of bits. Flamingo Candles released their Mother's Day range recently and I think they're maybe the most adorable candles I've seen and the scents sound absolutely beautiful, coming in at an affordable £12 I think these are a perfect gift idea for any Mum who adores scented candles.

Staying on the theme of comfort, point me to one Mum who wouldn't ADORE some help with sleep! I recently discovered a fantastic new range at Boots called Feather & Down whose products are all aimed towards a good night's sleep. There are quite a few products available in the range and their scent notes of lavender and chamomile are perfect for unwinding and relaxing.

If your Mum likes a little tipple and a chocolate or two to herself on a Saturday night (we're such wild creatures aren't we?) why not pick her up some pink gin and treat her to a box of melt-in-your-mouth chocolates? My personal favourites are Lily O'Brien's, their dessert collection is AMAZING, trust me!

Finally, my biggest bit of advice on choosing a Mother's Day gift for your Mum or your wife etc is don't overthink it. Seeing you stressed will most likely stress them out also, it's just what we do! Trust your gut, you know them better than anyone and if that means they have an extraordinary and inexplicable obsession with cute pink hats or gold initial mugs then go with it. Mostly? Just let them know how deeply they are appreciated because honestly, that means the absolute world...

*This post is not sponsored, nor does it contain any affiliate links. I was kindly sent a beautiful card from LeopardPrintCards.com however no post was expected in return - I just thought it was mega cute! 
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