Thursday, 21 December 2017

Festive Cheeseboard Inspiration

I have to hold my hands up and admit that we started the festive feasting a little early. We were sent some delicious cheeses to try and it snowballed from there into a decadent afternoon of treating ourselves to a glorious spread.

A cheeseboard is a fairly new tradition for us at Christmas, we never really had them growing up. My Dad would have treated himself to some Crackerbarrel cheese and crackers but that was as exotic as things got. When I met my now husband we decided on that first Christmas that we were going to go it alone. Take all the amazing groundwork our parents had laid out and run with it. We started then and there crafting our own little traditions. A cheeseboard being one!

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We are pretty particular about what we like on there, I think a strong blue cheese has to make an appearance, alongside a soft Brie or Burland Bloom with a tangy yet creamy cheddar to give it body. Crackers are a must, we usually go for Jacobs (tradition dictates here!), some pickle and finish off with pieces of fruit. I like to leave out some sweet treats for afterwards as well. It's all best served with a rounded port or full bodied red wine, though if you're like me and don't drink alcohol then my recommendation is a cheeky glass of Shloer (it's THE Christmas drink, right!?)

We were very kindly sent the Asda Extra Special Cheeseboard, priced at £8, and I have to say though I'm used to buying individual deli cheeses I found this to be really enjoyable! It comes with a little cheeseboard which is so handy and the cheeses included ticked all our boxes. There was a creamy Mature Cheddar, a Lancashire, a nutty Red Leicester cheese (that we really loved), a Burland Bloom Ripened Soft Cheese and a beautiful blue soft cheese that was wonderfully balanced.
*Suitable for vegetarians

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We also picked up our juicy Presentation Clementines this week, they're currently on offer for just £2 a palette in Spar NI right now and they make a gorgeous alternative foodie gift plus they look ever so festive! I'll use some of these for Pomanders when I get a spare moment and pop some on the radiators. This helps the scent around the home and it is so delicious and easy! If you're not quite sure how to make one you can follow this simple tutorial for a Christmas Pomander.

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No cheeseboard feasting session is complete without a tiny helping of something chocolatey. We recently fell in love with a box of tasty truffles from our Prestige Hamper (a lovely gift to receive, thank you Prestige!). 

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This is a tradition I've come to look forward to each year, it's such an easy way to prepare some food that you can really take your time over. Best enjoyed in front of a fire, with the chatter of family and/or friends.

Are there any festive foods that have become tradition in your house? It's the little traditions that add up to a really wonderfully nostalgic feeling this time of year!

*I was kindly sent a cheeseboard and hamper, which I am beyond grateful for, however the contents of this post have been created solely by me. This is not an ad, there were no obligations, nor is it sponsored material and there are no affiliate links contained within the post.  Thank you for reading!
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