Thursday, 21 December 2017

Festive Cheeseboard Inspiration

I have to hold my hands up and admit that we started the festive feasting a little early. We were sent some delicious cheeses to try and it snowballed from there into a decadent afternoon of treating ourselves to a glorious spread.

A cheeseboard is a fairly new tradition for us at Christmas, we never really had them growing up. My Dad would have treated himself to some Crackerbarrel cheese and crackers but that was as exotic as things got. When I met my now husband we decided on that first Christmas that we were going to go it alone. Take all the amazing groundwork our parents had laid out and run with it. We started then and there crafting our own little traditions. A cheeseboard being one!

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We are pretty particular about what we like on there, I think a strong blue cheese has to make an appearance, alongside a soft Brie or Burland Bloom with a tangy yet creamy cheddar to give it body. Crackers are a must, we usually go for Jacobs (tradition dictates here!), some pickle and finish off with pieces of fruit. I like to leave out some sweet treats for afterwards as well. It's all best served with a rounded port or full bodied red wine, though if you're like me and don't drink alcohol then my recommendation is a cheeky glass of Shloer (it's THE Christmas drink, right!?)

We were very kindly sent the Asda Extra Special Cheeseboard, priced at £8, and I have to say though I'm used to buying individual deli cheeses I found this to be really enjoyable! It comes with a little cheeseboard which is so handy and the cheeses included ticked all our boxes. There was a creamy Mature Cheddar, a Lancashire, a nutty Red Leicester cheese (that we really loved), a Burland Bloom Ripened Soft Cheese and a beautiful blue soft cheese that was wonderfully balanced.
*Suitable for vegetarians

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Friday, 15 December 2017

Limited Edition Winter Candle | Bow-Tique by Sinead

It's rare to find me writing about something I've used only a couple of times and yet here I am! Bow-Tique by Sinead first appeared on my radar back in March of this year when I was kindly sent the Unwind candle to trial. As it was a newly launched Northern Irish brand I couldn't wait to get behind Sinead and support her as best I could. I was blown away by the luxurious feel and quality of the candle, it had a spa-like essence that lifted the home in the only way a good scented candle can.

When I heard about the Bow-Tique Limited Edition Winter Candle I was over the moon that such a fantastic brand were going to release something in my favourite scent - Christmas, for all intents and purposes! We're talking festive favourite notes such as Orange, Clove and Spices. The perfect blend for this time of year. And then one arrived on my doorstep and it turned out to be every bit as gorgeous as I anticipated it would be...

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

10 of the best Faux Fur Coats

Don't wear real fur.

I thought of 20 different ways in which to start this post but really, it came down to one plea. Don't wear real fur. 

Recently I spotted a blogger promoting real fur coats and my mouth dropped open in shock. It's 2017, we all know better. There is no reason to wear fur. There is no necessity. The only issue that remains is people's desire to wear animal fur and really that's incomprehensible to me personally. The production of faux fur has exceeded expectations, a lot of faux fur out there now looks and feels just as luxurious and sumptuous as some people argue real fur is. There is no excuse. 

With that in mind I've rounded up 10 of the best Faux Fur Coats available right now. They are beautiful, cosy, stylish and above all else... more ethical! 

Whether you're looking for something similar to a real fur coat or you want to just have fun with this particular style, there is something to suit everyone. There is an abundance of choice, long, short, cropped, with lapels, without collar, real in appearance, faux in appearance - whatever your preference is, it is catered for within the faux fur spectrum. 

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My own favourite on this list would have to be the gloriously showstopping Simply Be Faux Fur coat however it is selling fast, my next favourite would have to be the Joanna Hope snow queen style coat, my reasoning for this isn't necessarily personal preference - it's simply what is available to me in comfortable sizing. This is the only issue with faux fur coats, there are not enough retailers catering to the plus size market. Sure, things have gotten better but this is one area of style in which it is glaringly apparent that plus size women are left out in the cold. Having said that, it still wouldn't encourage me to go and search for a vintage or modern real fur counterpart. It's not a consideration on any level.

So remember, the next time you see a blogger or influencer promoting the use of real fur products for fashion, there is always a fantastic faux alternative! Choose that option. Choose faux. 

Don't wear real fur. 


Monday, 4 December 2017

Christmas Bouquet from Prestige Flowers

I'm a flower obsessive. I love having fresh flowers around the house from week to week to brighten the place (and my mood) right up. My love of flowers stems from my time spent working as a florist, and the fact I can't keep plants alive. Flowers, I can work with but plants hate me so I love flowers. They're easy, pretty and cheery and if I'm completely honest, flowers that are delivered to you are some of the absolute best!

I usually treat myself to some posies over the weekend and use them to lift our home however this week's flowers are a real treat. I was kindly sent a Christmas Bouquet from Prestige Flowers and the box was a joy to open. I've used Prestige Flowers before when ordering flowers for friends and family and they've not let me down yet.

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I was very generously sent the Noel Bouquet which is comprised of some beautifully festive flowers. It came packed with greenery, snow tipped acorns, a stunning glittery star, silver sprayed thistles, frosted purple berries and the most perfect white roses and chrysanthemums. A real silvery wonderland in a vase.

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