Thursday, 30 November 2017

Cosy Lounge Wear to make you Feel Good

Over the last few years I've had the opportunity to seriously road test pyjamas and lounge wear. I've tried many different brands and styles and two places stand out for having and executing the perfect pyjama equation:

Budget Friendly + Stylish + Cosy + Comfortable = The Perfect Pyjamas

Whether you just like to jump right into a pair of cosy pyjamas as soon as you cross your front door, or perhaps you save a special pair for that after-bath / fresh bed sheets glow or you find your own personal situation means having to adapt clothing wise, to wearing pyjamas or lounge wear more frequently because of health reasons. Whatever the reason, pyjamas and lounge wear play an important part in our lives, they provide comfort. They are the uniform of self care and are worth investing in.

As I mentioned earlier, in my own experience, two stores stand out in regards to good quality and budget friendly options when it comes to pyjamas and lounge wear. In fact, some of the pieces I'm about to show you I have already bought myself and wear frequently so I can offer some insider knowledge here!

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Shaggy Fleece Cardigan / Lace Trim Cami / Velvet Rabbit Slippers / Lace Trim Lounge Pants


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

AW Transitional Makeup Favourites

Anyone who doesn't have much time to spend on a makeup routine will understand me when I say that, much as though I love makeup, I need it to be easy. I need products that do exactly as they claim, I need them to last (because I never touch up!) and I need the look to come together without much effort. Add to that the fact I like makeup looks that will take me through transitional seasons, looks that bridge the gap between Summer makeup and glittery festive looks. Recently I've found some serious mainstay contenders that I wanted to share with you.

Firstly, I've personally found that the most important step in any makeup look is prepping your base. That means skincare before applying makeup. I spoke to my Mum about this recently who seemed rather shocked at the prepping I do before even attempting to apply makeup. I double cleanse, tone, apply a serum and then a moisturiser. Sometimes I'll use a moisturising primer instead, a favourite lately has been This Works In Transit Camera Close Up which is such a multi functional product I can't believe it's not spoken about more often! It acts as a mask, moisturiser and primer all in one and it has made such a difference in how my makeup lasts and also how my skin copes with having makeup on. 

If you're going to all that bother with prepping your skin you will want a serious foundation. By serious I mean one that glides on smoothly, evens out tone, covers any blemishes and lasts through the day. I have no time for anything less. Recently I discovered a new foundation love and admittedly I've found it hard to move away from (even to just try another!). 

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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Budget Copper Home Accessories

Since first posting about my love of metallic home accessories, that fleeting affair has become a fully fledged obsession. More pointedly, copper home accessories! Copper accents make any interior instantly appear more cosy, while adding a touch of scandi style or industrial home style without much effort at all. Accents and accessories are a brilliant way of introducing some freshness in to your decor without having to spend big, which is fantastic if you're anything like me and change your home accessories season to season.

Recently I was looking for a few budget copper home accessories and happened to notice one store in particular really killing it with this trend. Whether you're aiming for cosy or scandi style, George at Asda have everything you could need and at affordable prices!

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Copper Globe / Copper Wall Clock / Copper Succulent / Copper Hi Ball Tumbler / Copper Bell Jar Lamp / Copper Wine Glasses / Copper Leaf Plate / Copper Photo Frame / Copper MirrorGeometric Side Table / Succulent in a Copper Pot


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Beauty | Empties

In all my years blogging there is one style of post I've yet to write, which is surprising considering it's one of my favourite types to read. Every month I pore over these posts, reading with curiosity the details of products my go-to bloggers actually used. Reviews are fantastic and a great source of opinion but I find empties posts to be more of a tell as to which products have been used in their entirety. How often have you seen a blogger chat about a product only for it never to be mentioned again? This is a way to combat that. To give you a glimpse into the products that I use up and either never purchase again or hastily restock when I'm running low. These are recommendations that I live by personally so I hope you enjoy!

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Please keep in mind, being my first empties post this may be a little longer than the usual but I'm hoping it will be a frequent instalment here on The Style Guide Blog. I've kept it to just Beauty Empties this time around and trust me, there are some ride or die products in here (for me anyway!).

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