Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Teddy Bears' Picnic with Asda

What a wash out of a Summer! Between torrential rain (I'm not really complaining - I love it!) and a sick Kiddo, our Summer took a bit of a hit and we've not been far travelled unfortunately. All was not lost though and instead we focused our efforts on making our own stay-at-home fun and holiday activities.

Recently we dedicated some time to digging out The Kid's Teddy Bears, some that he still has sitting at the foot of his bed and others that maybe needed a little TLC. To help us with our Teddy Bear repairs and spruce up efforts, Asda very kindly sent us some little treats for a Teddy Bears' Picnic. As an adult, I had forgotten just how much fun can be had by throwing a picnic blanket down on the floor, digging out the Teddy Bears and just having a good old fashioned picnic!

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We were kindly sent a few treats from Asda to kit out our Picnic and The Kid's Teddy Bears. They included a beautiful Sourdough loaf, scones, lattices and mini pies as well as everything a kid could wish for in the form of mini brownies, decorate your own gingerbread men and a gorgeous Ice Cream Sundae Cake (this was the star of the picnic according to Kiddo).

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Teddy Bears Picnic, Asda, The Style Guide Blog

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Of course the Teddy Bears got in on the action too but not before a very special spruce up. Because it's nearing that time of year again where we all don our Pudsey Spots for Children In Need, Asda were also kind enough to send some lovely spotty accessories for Kiddo's Teddys and we had a great time fixing them up so they too could join in our picnic.

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All in all I think it's safe to say this went down an absolute treat and though we weren't able to go down to the woods that day, we did manage to stay dry and it meant we could have some music in the background and really take our time just enjoying each other's company. It was nice to take time out of any hustle and bustle and just have childlike fun again!

Everything shown above is still available in Asda's Picnic range and it won't break the bank either, we all know how expensive Summer Holiday's can be, whether you're travelling or not, and though we would shop at Asda pretty regularly this gave us an opportunity to try a different selection of foods. The stuffed peppers in particular went down a treat with the adults and Kiddo loves decorating his own gingerbread men.

Keep an eye out for Asda's Teddy Bears' Picnics which are happening throughout NI and I'm sure they'll have more coming up for Children In Need.

*Though we were kindly sent some of these bits, this post is not in any way sponsored and there were no obligations attached

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

DIY with Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint and Metallic Spray

I haven't checked in for a while because we've been busy busy bees! I decided to finally set about redecorating our bedroom, and add those finishing touches to the rest of the house to make it more homey. Something about the prospect of another Autumn / Winter season approaching that makes me want to nest and begin making the home cosy for those dark hygge-filled nights.

Since before I can remember we have had an old pine style chipboard furniture set in our bedroom, don't get me wrong, we were grateful when we were given it second hand by my Mother-in-Law but they're not necessarily our own style and I've noticed as time has gone on (we've had them years now!) that they pulled down the lighting in the bedroom. I've had regular opportunities to become even more acquainted with my bedroom over the past year and it looks to be more of the same upcoming so I was eager to make some changes, light and airy changes. We went and found a perfect new bed in a local store (which will arrive in a few weeks) and had decided that the silver grey velvet headboard would be the focal point of the room meaning it was time to change the furniture.

But the bed somewhat eliminated our budget. Isn't that how these things go? So we had to get creative in changing the furniture.

First we checked Gumtree, buy and sell groups were monitored (like a hawk), charity shops were scoured and auctions were picked over however there was nothing suitable at all and any bedroom furniture sets in white we did look at buying would have cost pretty much what the bed was already costing us... it seemed futile for a while and I almost gave up - until we decided to take a shot in the dark and pick up some budget friendly chalk paint... I mean if everyone on Pinterest could do it, surely we could too?

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For all my planning in life, DIY is something I can never really plan for and if I do make the decision to give it a go it's usually spur of the moment, with supplies purchased in haste and it has always turned out disastrously. I don't mind telling you that because this is a story that has a happy ending!

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