Thursday, 6 April 2017

Fragrance Files: LOVELILY by Accessorize

I had wanted to start a new series based around perfumes this last while, mainly because I devour scent reviews as I'm always looking for that new fragrance that will set my heart aflutter. I adore perfumes, so much so that I currently have a cupboard pretty much dedicated to my ever growing collection. Some people collect china, I collect perfumes. I think this harks back to when I received my first ever fragrance growing up, Ghost (original), and quickly fell in love with how a scent can lift your mood and cement that moment in time. When I smell that scent now I'm immediately transported back to those times. Scent is incredibly evocative and so intrinsically tied into our emotions and memories. We all have those perfumes that bring us back to a particular moment or memory and I find that to be just a little bit magic!

Today's post focuses on a recent launch by Accessorize, not my first thought when I think of perfume but when LOVELILY* landed on my desk, the packaging alone was enough to send my heart beating a little faster. Reminiscent of all things Spring and Summer, this perfume came packaged in a resplendent pink flowered box, it is bold, rather sweet and gloriously stunning. Rather like the perfume itself turned out to be...

Fragrance Files, perfume review, LOVELILY, accessorize, Beverley Bayne
LOVELILY, Accessorize, Review, The Style Guide Blog, Beauty
Spring Perfumes, Fragrance Files, The Style Guide Blog, LOVELILY

This little perfume from Accessorize might pass you by simply because it is found somewhere you maybe wouldn't be looking for a perfume but I implore you not to make that mistake because, honestly? It's impressive...

The Packaging
The box is bright pink with gorgeous flower prints all over and this flower theme is carried through to the perfume bottle itself.  A heavy and substantial feeling perfume bottle, this is one for keeps. It's hexagonal shape is something a little different and as for the topper detailing? A masterpiece in floral. Encased in the hexagonal topper is a blooming lily flower whose petals you can see layered through the glass at the side. It is exquisitely cute.

The Notes
LOVELILY opens with bursting notes of raspberry, orange and bergamot (a more bitter style of orange originating in Italy) which means you initially get a beautiful fruity orchestra of scents upon initial spritz. This gives way to a heart of Lily of the Valley and Jasmine, two wonderful notes to include in a perfume and notes that cleverly lend themselves well to all ages. This means once the initial fruitiness subsides, there is an enveloping floral cocoon that entices you to keep sniffing your wrists to see what will be coming next. Rounding the scent off are notes of aromatic musks and a sweet vanilla and they really do bring the scent full circle. They close it off beautifully. The musk allows the scent to feel a little more grown up and the vanilla dances so well with the original fruity scents.
Once the scent has settled you will be left with a deep fruity and sweet muskiness with hints of floral notes that you catch every now and then.

In all honesty I wasn't expecting much longevity from such a vibrant perfume. In actuality, when the scent settles into it's sweet muskiness, it lasts beautifully on your pulse points. I've been wearing it a lot recently, because it is so very Spring and Summer suitable, so I've had a good chance to see how long I can get before a re-spritz. 6-8 hours later and I could still smell this scent on my pulse points, it floated nicely through the day and I was rather impressed admittedly! 

Created By
This perfume was created by the wonderful Beverley Bayne, who you may know from some of her previous works of fragrance such as Jo Malone, Pomegranate Noir and Girard's Provence Spring, New York Nights and Bali Sunrise. An extraordinary perfumer catch for Accessorize and it shows in the fragrance. It is wonderfully crafted.

Suitable For
My initial instinct was to state that this would be perfect for younger scent enthusiasts, teens and older teens in specific but the more I've worn the perfume, the more enamored by it I find myself and so I would say this is a fragrance that is for anyone who adores fruity muskiness, or florals, most definitely for those who adore a bursting vibrant perfume.  

How Much and Availability
This is where I get to be really excited. You may be thinking because of who created this scent and because of the wonderfully detailed packaging that you could be looking at £40+ for this fragrance. You can pick 75ml of LOVELILY by Accessorize up for just £19!! You can find the pefume in Accessorize stores and on their online store.

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All in all I am rather taken with this extremely budget friendly scent. It has hints of expensiveness to it without actually costing an arm and a leg like some of my other fragrances. I have worn it pretty consistently, especially when the sun is splitting the trees and will continue to do so. I may even repurchase this one. I believe this would also work well as a gifting fragrance and would be perfect for friends who are maybe ultra feminine and younger girls also.

Are you a scent enthusiast? Don't forget to keep an eye out for the next installment in the Fragrance Files!

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