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Winter Fragrances

Much as though I enjoy a light floral bouquet of scents in the Spring and Summer months, when the weather turns frosty and the evenings lose their light I love to start incorporating some of my favourite Winter Fragrances into my perfume rotation. Nothing speaks to my mood more than a fragrance, some people when they're feeling low will opt for some makeup, for me it's all about the skincare and the fragrance. It just lifts my mood immediately.

I thought I'd take you through some of my current winter fragrances that I find I'm reaching for now it's getting darker and colder. A lot of these are full bodied and so perfectly suited for Winter it may even be worth sticking them on your Santa List or gifting one to a fellow fragrance lover!

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First up, and the one I'd reach for for daytime wear would be the surprise of the bunch, Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume. This scent opens with top notes of lemons and soft fruit, flowers into a heart of velvety rose, tuberose and neroli and is rounded off beautifully with base notes of Eastern woods, vanilla, musk and balsamic amber. When it settles you're left with a gorgeously grounded musky fragrance with hints of wintery florals. The bottom notes are what make this so suited to the Winter months and the top notes work so well in making it a day time wear. I've found for evening and night time wear it is stunning as a layered fragrance, always adding it first. What's nice is that this is a scent that won't break the bank, the 30ml comes in at an affordable £24 and it comes beautifully packaged in white and rose gold. There is also a gift set option which is perfect for Christmas gifting!

Winter Fragrances, Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume, The Style Guide Blog, Christmas Gift Guide

Next up and another you can get away with wearing during the day in the Winter months is the wonderfully expensive feeling Paco Rabanne Olympea. I had actually gotten a little handbag sample of this earlier in the year and went through it so fast I was gifted it for Mother's Day and it's become a fast favourite, especially this last while. The premise of this scent was for a modern day female warrior queen and you definitely feel those vibes when you wear it, the top notes open with fresh oriental green mandarin and then are quickly followed by the lightest hint of floral ginger lily and jasmine. That's when we start moving to the heart of this fragrance which is magical, the middle note is listed as salty vanilla and there is just magic in the way that note makes it a fragrance you just want to sniff at. Olympea is rounded off with Cashmere wood and Ambergris making it a powerful all rounder of a scent. After doing some scouting around I found the 50ml on offer for just £40 at Boots at the moment which is a great price for this perfume.

Get ready because we're about to step into the SERIOUS PLAYERS in the Winter fragrance category. I say serious because there is no mistaking that these last two fragrances scream cosy, wintery, by the fire romance. They are two of my all time favourite fragrances and they get a lot of wear on Winter evenings.

Winter Fragrances, Dahlia Divin, Christmas Gift Guide, Gifts for Her, The Style Guide Blog

Let's firstly chat about Dahlia Divin by Givenchy, it drips luxury (scent wise). This fragrance has everything you could possibly want from a Winter fragrance. Top notes open with Mirabelle plum, seriously you get one sniff and you know this is going to be a stunner. Those notes are quickly followed by a blossoming of Sambac Jasmine and white flowers which add to the fullness of the scent. The base notes are where the magic is drawn together in such a stunning way, sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli (all time fave concoction of base notes!), it's one of the cosiest fragrances I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. I like to keep this on my scarves as well because it leaves a beautiful softly seductive scented trail which I adore. It ranges from around the £40 mark on Escentual and works beautifully as a gift option as the perfume bottle itself is so simplistic yet the gold detailing lends itself again to an overall feel of luxury.

That takes us full circle to the showstopper.

Winter Fragrances, Christmas Gift Guide, Gifts for her, Marc Jacobs Decadence

Marc Jacobs Decadence. WOW, what a powerhouse of a scent. In the best way possible. You know when you see the packaging, reminiscent of the Marc Jacobs handbags, that this scent means serious business in the luxury perfume market. This scent is BOLD and it smells EXPENSIVE! It is by far one of the richest fragrances I've had the pleasure of owning and wearing. Top notes here start with Italian plum, saffron and iris. Seriously, when a pefume begins with notes like these you know it's going to be something kind of magic. Those are then followed by a heart of Bulgarian rose, Sambac Jasmine and orris root so quite a few notes in common with Dahlia Divin when you try them you'll realise that Decadence is the sexier more grown up of the two and the base notes just add to that sexy sophistication with liquid amber, vetiver and papyrus wood. It is fruity, it is floral and it is woody, with a light spice that when you try and single out softly makes way to a more feminine feel. You get every note with this perfume and at different stages. Once it settles you're left with a soft fruit and luxurious floral feel which all adds up to a truly decadent scent. This is one I'd definitely recommend trying first, especially if you're considering it as a gift for someone because with powerful fragrances comes great distinction. I love that about it though I can understand how it might not be for some. This one is definitely one for wearing out somewhere where you'd find the best red wine or hot whiskey and a roaring hot fire because that's exactly what it makes me think of any time I wear it. This one ranges from around the £45 mark at Boots right now.

I think it's worth mentioning at this stage that if you are considering purchasing a fragrance for someone this Christmas, Boots have a fantastic engraving service available now! You could purchase your perfume or the perfume you're gifting and have it engraved with a personal message. You all know I adore personalisation of presents, I think it really adds that something special to a gift so this is a fab idea! Before you get excited though I'd advise ringing or checking online that your local Boots offer this service as I know Coleraine unfortunately do not. If you're local to Belfast or Lisburn you're in luck as both Donegal Place and Sprucefield do offer this service so if you're close to there I'd definitely recommend taking advantage!

Are any of these on your Santa list this year? I have a new one on mine...

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