Monday, 28 November 2016

Buy Local and Shop Ballymoney this Christmas

When I say I had an eye opener of a day this past Saturday, I'm not kidding. How often do we all sit and browse online stores and place orders or travel to nearby cities to find that perfect Christmas gift? Have you ever thought, hang on! Maybe there's a store in my local town that stocks that exact item? Admittedly I stopped and thought of that possibility so rarely that when I was confronted with what my town had to offer I was in complete shock, in the best possible way.

Ballymoney Chamber of Commerce invited me to have a browse in and around some stores in my local town of Ballymoney, I was intrigued as some of those stores had become what I would refer to as 'Window Lusts', the type of store where you gaze dreamily at their window displays but never actually go into. Now I've had the chance to go into those stores, I would be hard pushed to believe I'll remain outside in the cold looking in, with my nose pressed up against the glass for if I believed the windows looked amazing... that was nothing compared to inside those stores and the passion of the retailers I had the pleasure of chatting with on my visit.

Why not stop, grab a cuppa and come with me while I take you on a digital tour of the amazing places Ballymoney has to offer.

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Friday, 18 November 2016

The Ultimate Christmas Movie Guide

It's offish that time of year folks, there's no getting away from it, best to just embrace the feelings of festiveness and hunker down with some of your favourite Christmas movies. It's cold outside, the snow is beginning to fall and it's time to light some festive scents, grab some mince pies and get down with Christmas.

There are many reasons why I love Christmas movies, there's always a black sheep character, someone has taken a wrong turn in life or on the road and the movie is about the journey back to finding your Christmas. That one point in every Christmas movie that makes your heart and emotions swell, your eyes fill with tears, you feel the emotion and the heartfelt joy of Christmas. They really are some of my all time favourite movies to watch.

In case any of you adore Christmas movies as much as I do and see them as an integral part of the lead up to the festive season, here is The Ultimate Christmas Movie Guide. All my favourites, all for differing reasons, no one better than the other, they all offer something a little different.

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Let's start as we mean to go on. Now, remember I'm not listing these in any order because it'd be impossible to figure out top favourites - it's already taken me long enough going through my stash!


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Dainty Silver Jewellery with Jewellery Box

Whether it's treating yourself to a new accessory or it's that time of year where you find you're maybe hinting at what you'd like as a gift for Christmas, it's hard to deny the allure of something shiny. I'm a new jewellery addict, it means I'm very easy to buy for - if it's sparkly or shiny, I'll probably love it. This was definitely the case recently when Jewellery Box were in touch to tell me all about their stunning jewellery options.

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Each piece comes beautifully packaged with such care and attention to detail, this cuts down on wrapping at home!

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Jewellery Box offer high quality dainty pieces of jewellery in both 9ct Gold or Sterling Silver, they are also Assay Assured meaning you're buying quality jewellery.


Friday, 4 November 2016

Winter Fragrances

Much as though I enjoy a light floral bouquet of scents in the Spring and Summer months, when the weather turns frosty and the evenings lose their light I love to start incorporating some of my favourite Winter Fragrances into my perfume rotation. Nothing speaks to my mood more than a fragrance, some people when they're feeling low will opt for some makeup, for me it's all about the skincare and the fragrance. It just lifts my mood immediately.

I thought I'd take you through some of my current winter fragrances that I find I'm reaching for now it's getting darker and colder. A lot of these are full bodied and so perfectly suited for Winter it may even be worth sticking them on your Santa List or gifting one to a fellow fragrance lover!

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