Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Devine Nails

My nails break my heart a little, they simply refuse to grow to the lengths I would like them to, however, I'm not quite ready enough to take the plunge into the likes of gel nails and infills. They seem such a commitment! I'm so fickle, what if I were to change my mind in a day or two? It's not like I could just take them off (not without damaging my own nails anyway). The solution recently landed on my desk.

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Devine Nails are a Northern Irish company who sell re-usable handpainted false nails. Much as though these are a commonplace item, this is the first time I've seen false nails of this quality. Each nail is shaped and painted to your specifications and they arrive beautifully packaged, with spares and nail glue included. I couldn't wait to try them out.

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I selected the nails that best fit my own and followed the instructions, which were nicely laid out in the little card that came with them. There was no fussing or fretting, I was able to apply these easily at home myself. Given this was my first attempt I didn't have high hopes and had worried that I'd damage the nails with my clumsy ways but I needn't have worried, they went on like a dream.

Nail Art, False Nails, Local Focus, Review, The Style Guide Blog

They instantly made my short fingers appear longer and the design was perfect for me. Matte black with a beautiful matte red and a statement glitter nail. It was love!

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I opted to try a shorter length as I'm not at all used to long nails and had worried about carrying out basic tasks such as typing on my phone and pulling up tights. These were a perfect length for me personally. Beautifully rounded at the tip though if you prefer more of a stiletto style, Laura has you covered. In fact, whatever your specifications or notions might be, Devine Nails are happy to hear them and they are fantastic at what they do.

They really are salon quality hand-painted nails and I don't think I could have been more impressed with my experience!  I fear I've just taken the first step towards a slippery slope of needing a constant supply of amazingly designed nails...

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Each order comes with spares, an instruction card and nail glue and they absolutely are re-usable - I put them to the test. My first run was 3 weeks ago, I kept the nails on for 5 days and then popped my hands into warm soapy water and they popped off very easily, I placed them on a towel to dry and then I used them again this week and I still have the spares!

Let's get down to the nitty gritty, how much will a set of Devine Nails re-usable false nails set you back? Well! Prices range from just £8 upwards!!! Some of the embellished sets can cost around £10 but if you have a look at their site I think you'll agree, they're worth it.

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I think these are a great way to really add that extra bit of glam to an outfit for a night out and am definitely going to go back for more. Low effort and maintenance yet still flawless nail swag. What's not to love?

Here are some of the other designs currently listed on Devine Nails (I'm trying my best not to want them all...)

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If you'd like to check out Devine Nails, I've listed their site and their social below. Keep an eye on their Snapchat for special offers and discount codes and remember, if you don't see quite what it is you're looking for Laura is incredibly lovely and will do her best to accommodate your nail needs.

Twitter: @DevineNails1
Instagram: @devinenails30
Facebook: Devine Nails
Snapchat: @ Ldev31    

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