Sunday, 30 October 2016

Casual Luxe Outfit Inspo

Recently I've found myself more and more swayed by the casual luxe outfit styles. You can't knock the appeal of cosy fashion, especially coming into the Winter months. I mean really, who has time for bare legs and dresses with no sleeves when it's baltic outside? Not me!

And so I wandered onto my favourite haunt, Simply Be, to order a few basic bits to try this casual luxe style I'd heard so much about.

The first item I had wanted to look for was a massively oversized slouchy t-shirt, preferably in a soft jersey fabric and some leggings / trousers to pair with it. The idea was to have basics and dress them with accessories, the main feature being the coat that ties the outfit together. I was in luck! Within minutes on Simply Be I'd checked out with some basics to start my foray into the world of casual luxe. Territory I'd only ever dreamed of entering in the past...

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Because I was only testing the casual luxe waters I opted to order the mesh t-shirt and the stripe leggings, both from Simply Be. The t-shirt is hands down the most comfortable item of clothing I've ever worn in my life (and yes, I am including pyjamas in that!). It's a vicose / elastane mix with some nifty mesh paneling at the neck and at the hemline. I ordered up a size for ultimate slouch and I would highly recommend you do the same if you're purchasing. Though it skims beautifully, for that stylish luxe feel it's always best to opt for maximum slouch-age. The leggings come a close second on the comfort scale. I'll be completely honest, it was like wearing pyjamas, they were that cosy and easy to wear. Also a vicose / elastane mix, these leggings just about reach my ankles and I'm rather short (5ft) so for someone of my height or near to my height they're perfect. If you're a little taller just keep in mind that these might end somewhere around your lower calf.

T-shirt and leggings does not casual luxe make though, with this style you need the accessories to really make it work. Pairing something like these with a smart coat and a fun pom pom beanie really take it to the luxe level and that's where I was trying to take this. 

All in all, I definitely feel as though I'm well on my way to making it work for me.

I am rather past the point of wearing a full face of makeup and a dress to do the grocery shopping... Easy style is where it's at and it's really not as hard to pull off as you might think, step outside your comfort zone and give it a go!

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