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The rumours were confirmed by the signs and store front going up on William Street South in Belfast recently, KIKO MILANO are opening their first Northern Ireland store! Beauty buffs rejoice!

I was very kindly given the chance to have a look over some top KIKO products before the store opens on Wednesday 31st August and this way I can tell you what to look out for so get the notebooks ready for there are definitely some fantastic products that will be sure to have your little makeup heart fluttering.

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First impressions, and I do mean first as these are the products I popped my Kiko cherry with, are that the focus is all on the product quality. Fuss free, sleek packaging gives the impression that Kiko needs no pomp or frills. With the exception of the lipstick which I'll chat about in a bit...

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Let's talk about the KIKO Matte Face Base first, makes sense saying as though that'd be the first step in any makeup routine, right? Ingredients listed include water, silica, hydrogenated castor oil and parfum. In truth a few ingredients that very almost put me off trying it as I'd tried similar before and hadn't gotten on well with them at all however I was pleasantly surprised at how well my skin took to this primer. It does what it says on the packaging, it has a beautiful mattifying effect which is perfect coming into AW and just the ticket for eliminating that end-of-summer-sweaty-oily-skin issue. It glides on smoothly and blends out really well, it's incredibly light on the skin and was a dream to wear. I've been wearing it for a week now with no breakouts. In truth, when it landed with me it quickly replaced my Botanics primer I'd been using all Summer. Teamed with the Invisable Powder I also received, which also promised a matifying fixing effect, I achieved dream matte base. This powder was perfect for baking as well, especially under the eye area. The powder is exquisitely finely milled and the pot it comes in has a dinky round sponge attached to the underside for precision baking. I've always used a setting powder personally and this is already noted down for a repurchase in the future.

Next up is their Water Eyeshadow, this is where the WOW! factor really came into play for me.

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The eyeshadow shown here is in shade 230 and it is GLORIOUS! A beautiful black shimmer shade that can be used wet or dry. In fact, with a little drop of Duraline from Inglot and a good eyeliner brush you could easily use this as a liquid liner and it would be stunning.

We're coming to the pièce de résistance...

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Someone hold me for I've come over all weak at the knees for KIKO MILANO's Gossamer Emotion lipstick. Putting aside the fact that it comes enclosed in the COOLEST packaging EVER! No, seriously, it has a fancy button at the top of the bullet that you press to release the locking mechanism and when you're finished applying you pop it back together and wait for the click which ensures no pesky risk of the lid of your lippy falling off in your handbag. Ok, I'm clearly a sucker for clever additions such as this to packaging but in fairness, the lipstick itself is absolutely beautiful. I tried shade 105 which I'd describe as a dusky dark nude pink and though it's not a matte lipstick it is extremely pigmented and glides on so nicely due to it's creamy consistency. It dries semi matte in my opinion yet isn't at all drying, in fact I'd go as far to say that my lips felt moisturised during and after wear. Up until now I had been nerding out over my new-found love of MAC lipsticks, thinking nothing would top them.... oh how wrong was I!? KIKO MILANO beats MAC in the lippy stakes, hands down. Between pigmentation, creaminess, scent and longevity, KIKO takes the win. 

It's obvious that KIKO are a brand that mean business and the point that really sold them to me as a brand to watch was the scent of certain products within the range. The Face Base and Lipstick in particular have such a high end beauty product scent. Not overpowering at all but almost the essence of luxury fragrance. This is what makes KIKO products feel that little bit more high-end than other high street counterparts. 

If you're considering heading down to the KIKO MILANO Belfast store opening on Wednesday, 31st August, these items need to be on your wishlist. Chat to the staff, swatch all of the colours and take your time poring over the stunning makeup on offer.

Speaking of swatches...

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Water Eyeshadow, shade 230 / Gossamer Emotion Lipstick, shade 105 / Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick, shade 40

Wednesday 31st August
William Street South

The first 50 people to enter the NEW Kiko Milano Store at 10.30am on Wednesday will receive a gift card! 

The first 200 shoppers will receive a gift with purchase!

So why not pop in on Wednesday for a browse and a chat with the fabulous KIKO staff and if you pick up anything, make it one of those lipsticks... trust me, everyone should own at least one. 

*This post contains gifted items
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