Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Why I'll Never Buy Into Jeffree Star

While the rest of the world's eyes were firmly on the Kim vs Taylor fallout following Kim's release of that recording, the beauty world's eyes were fixed on the Kat Von D / Jeffree Star fall out.

Jeffree Star is no stranger to internet controversy. The seeds of this fall out were sown years ago, back in his Myspace days where he saw fit to leave hideous comments on teenager's pages. Since then he has enjoyed internet celebrity and the lifestyle associated with that kind of fame. Scores of adoring Twitter and Instagram fans who will go to bat for him should he put the call out and let's make one thing clear... he's not afraid to put that call out, often causing the one person at the centre of his ire to become the subject of an intense bout of internet trolling and bullying. It's brutal to watch and yet hard to look away at the same time.

Throughout the years we've seen Jeffree Star personally use derrogatory language in regards to women, going so far as to threaten to beat down a well known female makeup artist, throw about racist slurs and drag paying customers from one end of the internet to the other for daring to be a little too honest in their reviews of his products. It's been car crash viewing.

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Source: Kat Von D Instagram

In the latest twist to this never-ending ugly story, Kat Von D posted this post on her Instagram last night, stating very clearly so as there is no misinterpretation, that she is disassociating herself from Jeffree Star. So much so that she will be removing the shade Jeffree from her current collection. The shade has been thrown, the gauntlet laid down...

The internet went into meltdown.

Before too long Jeffree retaliated in true Star form going in on a hugely personal level and though some tweets have now been deleted let me be clear... it was nasty.

I'm sure you're probably wondering the reason behind this post as I'm not one for writing about celebrity gossip (I say celebrity but I'm referring to the very bottom rung of that hierarchy) but it reminded me of the brands I have personally chosen to avoid due to the carry on of their creators / ambassadors and unfortunately, Jeffree Star isn't the only brand I have avoided for this very reason.

Limecrime, for instance. A liquid lipstick formulation like no other. I still hanker after Cashmere like no other lipstick out there but will I buy it? No. Won't even consider giving the brand money for their products. Is that harsh? Maybe but once you spend some time reading up on the origins of Limecrime and their creator...  you'd be hard pushed to justify it to yourself. We're not just talking a hard to like creator behind the brand, we're talking illegal additives (to the point the FDA had to get involved), threats against bloggers who weren't blown away by the products themselves, fraud, nazi costume scandal, racism... the list goes on... and on... and on...

Then there's Gerard Cosmetics. Again, their nudes are just beyond gorgeous and I'd love to get my hands on their products but will I? No. I simply cannot justify supporting the people behind the brand. The kind of people who will take to snapchat to brand women as 'ugly' if they dare to not like their products.

Those are just three instances of how not to advocate your brand. Right now there is a huge split over these brands, there are those who support the people behind them (I can't comprehend that to be completely honest), there are some who try to maintain a level of blindness in regards to the carry on behind the products so as to enjoy their favourite nude lipstick without guilt (I'd be interested to know if this works...) and then there are those, like myself, who simply cannot justify lining the pockets of people who believe this is an appropriate way to conduct business.

In this bizarre rise of the makeup celebrity and the Myspace / Youtube celebrity, those in the now public eye maybe hadn't anticipated where they would end up but to continue that type of behaviour when you've reached that level of celebrity seems irresponsible and dangerous. So I'm asking you, would you support brands like these knowing what has gone on behind the glossy lipsticks? Are you a Jeffree Star / Limecrime / Gerard customer? Did you know of the drama behind the scenes? Let me know!

If you want to read up on the scandal surrounding these brands in particular please avail of the following links or hit up Google for some truth time:

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Morality seems too high a price for the perfect matte nude... don't you think?

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