Wednesday, 13 July 2016

50 years of Boots in NI

Recently Boots celebrated it's 50th year here in Northern Ireland. Five decades of pharmacy care, innovative products and passionate staff, and they're showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

With the arrival of Boots in Northern Ireland also came big brand names that (at the time) were new to a lot of customers. It gave customers a chance to delve into the beauty world and in a lot of ways, helped boost women's morale at a time when it was needed. They have continued to hold firm to that ethos throughout the decades, with their in-house beauty brand No7 putting women at the forefront of their focus and development.

During the celebration to mark their 50th year in Northern Ireland, we were given the opportunity to learn more about the brands you can find in Boots stores and I'll be honest, though I'm a regular at my local Boots, I tend to either click and collect or pop in for a prescription (and come out with at least a couple of nail polishes each time) but I rarely took the time to really SEE the brands in Boots. Imagine my surprise when I started learning about the big brands you can find there and the services they provide... 

For instance, Benefit, with their latest eyebrow range release lined up like an eyebrow army ready to take your brows to the next level. We were colour matched and advised on our best shade in the range. This service costs nothing instore and would save a lot of hassle!

The Clarins counter is usually one I glide quickly past as that's moreso one for the lust list but I thoroughly enjoyed being able to hear more about each product and the Clarins staff in Boots are so passionate about the range that it's impossible to walk away empty handed. One of my favourite products here was the Fix Makeup, smells delicious and it ensured my makeup stayed in place through a sweltering hot day. A far cry from my usual budget fix it spray that ok, feels nice but doesn't smell anywhere near as luxurious or work half as well as the one I tried at Clarins.

The Yves Saint Laurent staff were eager to shade match to their newest foundation release, which I can confirm DOES cater to casper-like complexions such as my own.

Coming away from the Liz Earle stand you felt as though you'd just been at a spa. Not that I've been to a spa BUT I imagine you'd get as much of a skincare and luxury skincare education as you would through the seriously passionate Liz Earle staff. They really believe in the products and were extremely brand knowledgeable!

Liz Earle is a brand I had been wanting to try for years now and had just never gotten around to it. It was one of the great unknowns for me. Now? I've come away wanting every single thing I was shown. From the cleansers right through to the botanical scents on offer, this was a brand I fell hard for. In part due to the amazing women who talked us through the brand, their energy was contagious.

We were also treated to beauty looks throughout the years, created by the fantastic No7 Advisors, we caught a glimpse of the new Lancome Grandiose Liner, had chats about the amazing new releases from Estee Lauder, learned fantastic Summer hair tips from Bumble and Bumble, fell in love with all the new scent releases from each brand (particularly YSL in my case), had rosy cheeks painted on beautifully by the wonderful Advisors at the Clinique stand and were shimmered to within an inch of our lives at the No7 stand (seriously, watch out for a post on that soon!)

That's the one main thing I took away from this showcase celebrating 50 years of Boots in NI, the staff and brand representatives are all so hugely passionate about their brands. They know the beginnings of their brand's journey, the latest release chatter and the inner workings of each product.

One thing is for sure, the next time I have to pop into Boots for a prescription I'll definitely be taking my time just a little more and sure a wee stop off at brand counters wouldn't hurt, would it?

Here's to another 50 years in Northern Ireland Boots!

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