Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Why I'll Never Buy Into Jeffree Star

While the rest of the world's eyes were firmly on the Kim vs Taylor fallout following Kim's release of that recording, the beauty world's eyes were fixed on the Kat Von D / Jeffree Star fall out.

Jeffree Star is no stranger to internet controversy. The seeds of this fall out were sown years ago, back in his Myspace days where he saw fit to leave hideous comments on teenager's pages. Since then he has enjoyed internet celebrity and the lifestyle associated with that kind of fame. Scores of adoring Twitter and Instagram fans who will go to bat for him should he put the call out and let's make one thing clear... he's not afraid to put that call out, often causing the one person at the centre of his ire to become the subject of an intense bout of internet trolling and bullying. It's brutal to watch and yet hard to look away at the same time.

Throughout the years we've seen Jeffree Star personally use derrogatory language in regards to women, going so far as to threaten to beat down a well known female makeup artist, throw about racist slurs and drag paying customers from one end of the internet to the other for daring to be a little too honest in their reviews of his products. It's been car crash viewing.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

50 years of Boots in NI

Recently Boots celebrated it's 50th year here in Northern Ireland. Five decades of pharmacy care, innovative products and passionate staff, and they're showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

With the arrival of Boots in Northern Ireland also came big brand names that (at the time) were new to a lot of customers. It gave customers a chance to delve into the beauty world and in a lot of ways, helped boost women's morale at a time when it was needed. They have continued to hold firm to that ethos throughout the decades, with their in-house beauty brand No7 putting women at the forefront of their focus and development.

During the celebration to mark their 50th year in Northern Ireland, we were given the opportunity to learn more about the brands you can find in Boots stores and I'll be honest, though I'm a regular at my local Boots, I tend to either click and collect or pop in for a prescription (and come out with at least a couple of nail polishes each time) but I rarely took the time to really SEE the brands in Boots. Imagine my surprise when I started learning about the big brands you can find there and the services they provide... 


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Where to buy Catrice Cosmetics online in Northern Ireland

It's a pain isn't it? How some brands never make it in-store where you live? To make matters even more frustrating, sometimes you'd be lucky to find them online. Unless you want to pay extortionate custom charges that can mean, a lot of the time, that you miss out. Such was the story with myself and Catrice Cosmetics. I had searched high and low in and around where I live and there was not one store offering anything from the seriously budget friendly Catrice (apparently there is a chemist somewhere near Coleraine stocking the brand though I've yet to locate this amazing treasure trove) and so I did what anyone would do, I went online. It was slim pickings there too if I'm being honest.

However, after a little in depth Google search and Twitter investigating, I happened across an Irish pharmacy who not only offer Catrice on their site, they also ship to U.K. and N.I. AND their customer service is second to none. They impressed me so much with their service that I felt compelled to type up this post. That's really saying something considering we can be so quick to post about bad customer service and sometimes we tend to forget to praise retail heroes who make shopping an absolute delight!

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