Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave : A British Beauty Blogger Palette

We all knew when we heard that British Beauty Blogger had teamed up with Makeup Revolution that something special was going to happen. One of my favourite bloggers collaborating with one of my favourite budget makeup brands was music to my ears and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Fortune Favours the Brave palette when it landed. I did though. I waited, I read reviews, I looked at swatches (bloggers read blogs too!) and then I took the plunge.

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Monday, 13 June 2016

Cervical Screening, why you should book your smear today...

 Updated: August 2016 - one year post abnormal cell smear results
 Updated: January 2017 - a year and a half post abnormal cell smear results

I originally wrote this post as part of Cervical Screening Awareness Week but have made the decision to keep a rolling record of my own journey for your reference and hopefully it will help even just one person make that all important decision to BOOK YOUR SMEAR!

Imagine a life-saving health check that can detect one of the most silent of killers. Then imagine not having that health check. Seems daft, right? Yet so many of us bury our heads in regards to this test. I'm here today, at the beginning of Cervical Screening Awareness Week (CSAW), chatting personal (which I never thought I would do again), in the hope that I can raise just a little more awareness in regards to Cervical Screening. If I can sway just one of you in the direction of your women's clinic / GP in order to book your smear then it's worth it.

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So many of us are guilty of burying our heads in the sand in regards to a smear test, I've done it too. The letter comes in and you glance at it, tell yourself you'll get around to it when you feel a bit more ready or decide it's not urgent or top of your list and sometimes literally bury the letter under a stack of bills or service provider letters. Sometimes it can sit there for so long you almost forget it's there. Almost. If you're anything like me that letter will play on you and you'll think, numerous times, ''I really should get round to booking that smear''. How many times have you put yours off now?

I'd put mine off a little while but one day I was feeling pro-active and I picked up the phone (after a ridiculous amount of reminder letters and even a mention from my GP), and I finally booked my overdue smear.


Monday, 6 June 2016

My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks Review

I love stumbling across new skincare, even more so when it turns out to be a seriously budget friendly addition to my skincare regime and today's post couldn't be more budget friendly - good news all round!

My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks Review 

I have Lorraine from John It's Only Makeup to thank for this discovery as it was only after watching Lorraine's snapchat (lorrainehaigney) that I finally bit the bullet and purchased some for myself and I am so very glad I did because honestly, they've been an absolute gem of a find.

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Monogram Gifts

Everything is better when it's personalised, am I right? It just adds a little extra sparkle to a gift (whether that's a gift to someone you love, from someone or even a gift you give yourself!), nothing says ''This gift is for you and you alone'' moreso than an item stamped with either your initials or your name. It's a throwback to the monogrammed handkerchiefs of old, an embroidered piece of cloth was an enviable possession once and it's a vintage notion that has somehow stood the test of time and of trends.

Luckily, as trends tend to do, the initial or monogram trend has come back around again which is good news for us long time monogram fans! Lots of great stores have picked up this trend and initialed home ware, clothing and accessories can be found in all corners of the internet right now.

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