Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Father's Day Gift Ideas from Lush

Recently I had the opportunity to join some fellow NI bloggers in attending a Lush event, the first ever to be held in their Belfast store, to celebrate the launch of their Father's Day Gifts for 2016 and what a night it was.

Long time readers here (and past readers of The Agoraphobic Fashionista) will know just how much of a big deal for me this was personally and much as though the nerves were sky high before the event, I've come away from Lush Belfast just a little bit lighter - it was that wonderful an experience.

We were greeted at the door by the staff from Lush Belfast who are another level of wonderful. Their sunny nature and light heartedness coupled with their obvious passion for the products was infectious and before long we were all getting stuck in watching demos and even making up our own cleansers. The first thing that hits you when you walk into Lush is the mingled scent of magic. It's the only way I can think to describe it. Initially I had wondered if it would be sensory overload but it was the complete opposite. I found the scents melted together to almost relax the senses. I was hooked...

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There was just so much to look at and take in. We were encouraged, enthusiastically, to pick up and sniff anything we wished. Anything we wanted explaining was explained in full with passion such as I've never seen before. It's easy to see that this is a brand who have staff that are 100% behind the products they're selling. They know each and every product in the store, they know it's purpose and they are absolutely fantastic at helping with recommendations.

Much as though I could sit here and chat all day about every single product I saw, sniffed, touched... we visited Lush Belfast to hear all about their Father's Day Gifts for 2016.

Granted, a bath isn't necessarily the first thing that would pop into my head when I'm thinking of gifts for Mr Style Guide but when I stop for a moment I remember the hour long epic baths he used to have before Kiddo came along. So why not encourage him to take some time out for himself with a ridiculously fun bath bomb or two? Don't fall into the trap of thinking Lush is for females, it is very much unisex. Even the Father's Day gifts are perfectly suited to either male or female.

Fathers Day Gifts from Lush, Superdad Bath Bomb, review, The Style Guide Blog
Lush Superdad bath bomb, Bath bomb demo, Lush Belfast, The Style Guide Blog
Lush Belfast, Fathers Day Gift Ideas, Lush, The Modfather, The Style Guide Blog

The Superdad Bath Bomb is a firm favourite here in this house already! Made up of gorgeous scents such as guaiac wood and sandalwood, this bath bomb is woody and grounding and packed full of Olbanum oil to soothe the senses plus it's a slow fizzer which means there's plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful coloured fizzing effects once it's popped into water. We've already given this one a whirl at home (you can see the video on my Instagram) and it's a huge thumbs up from both Dad and Kiddo.

Other products within the Lush Father's Day gift range 2016 include the cute Thanks Dad jaffa cake style soap. An alphabet block style of soap which bursts open with the scent of Brazilian orange oil, a really uplifting gift idea. We had a sniff of the Smugglers Soul shampoo and conditioner bar which is made up of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and cleansing lemongrass oil and then there was The Modfather, another big favourite! The Modfather is a bubble bar packed full of amazing citrus scents, this is definitely one I would also use. You can mix and match products to suit your needs or avail of one of the gift boxes already made up for you.

All in all it was a truly uplifting evening spent with some really wonderful people. I came away feeling lighter. I've been a customer of Lush for years now, ever since my sister sent me a gift box one birthday, but this is the first time I've stepped inside a Lush store and I can only describe it as going through The Wardrobe. You step through the door and immediately it becomes apparent you're in a different world. A world where ethical cosmetics and beauty products are paramount, where staff are happy and accommodating and sheathed in glitter and sequins, where your senses are tickled and awakened and you can spend time browsing, chatting or watching pretty colours in demos. It was an experience like no other. I can wholeheartedly say you almost cheat yourself out of that experience when you shop online at Lush, much as though it's handy in a lot of cases, when you go instore to Lush you come away a little happier, a little lighter and a little more positive about life in general. Not quite what I was expecting when I stepped through those doors last week!

Fathers Day Gift Ideas from Lush, Lush Belfast, Lush Belfast Bloggers, The Style Guide Blog

Hats off to the fabulous staff at Lush Belfast for an unforgettable experience.

Why not visit Lush Belfast on Facebook where they host live Q&A's, post demos and are generally just really fun!

If you have no Lush store nearby, head over to lush.co.uk and have a nosy at their Father's Day Gift offerings, Dads like baths too...

Lucky enough to have a Lush store close to you? I implore you to go visit and if it's the Belfast store you're visiting - have fun! I know we all did.

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So, my burning question? Do YOU have a favourite Lush product?

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