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Fashion meets Interiors at IKEA Belfast

You'll rarely find me at events or happenings. I'm simply not that type of blogger (I'd never make it as a socialite!) You'll very rarely find me blogging about events either, unless there's something tangible or a little bit amazing to actually write about. This is one of those instances. Something a little bit amazing took place in IKEA Belfast recently and I think it will become apparent rather quickly why I had to tell you all about it.

I have a few favourite Irish and Northern Irish designers, all of them bringing something exquisitely different to the table and it's magical to be able to watch them grow into their craft. Rare talents and serious skills can be found scattered across this green isle of ours and one such talent has graced these pages before! It's this talent I'm here to chat about today...

A few weeks ago the wonderful Sara O'Neill teamed up with IKEA Belfast for a hugely exciting and wildly different type of project. 

To celebrate the launch of GILTIG, a very new, limited edition collection of homewares, IKEA  Belfast teamed up with the stylist and designer extraordinaire and her dream team. Intriguing, right? Just wait until you see what they came up with!

Fashion meets Interiors, Interior design, IKEA, GILTIG collection, alternative fashion, alternative home style

Sara was tasked to mesh fashion and interiors together using only products from the GILTIG collection. Think tableclothes, napkins and lampshades. A brilliant think-outside-the-box project that was perfectly suited to the think-outside-the-box designer. A match made in fashion heaven and the pieces that Sara came up with? I'll let you judge for yourself...

Fashion meets Interiors at IKEA Belfast, NI fashion moment, Psychobilly rockabilly pin up style
Sara O Neill, IKEA Belfast, GILTIG IKEA, Kristen Gillespie, Khara Pringle, Fashion
Fashion meets Interiors at IKEA Belfast, IKEA designer collections, NI blog, Irish blog, UK blog

Sara, Khara Pringle (one of NI's best fashion photographers) and the gorgeous Kristen Gillespie (a fabulous model with Style Academy) teamed up for these seriously eyecatching photos, shot on location at IKEA Belfast during a LIVE fashion installation and they're all GILTIG everything. Who thought gruesome eyeballs could looks so stylish!?

Fashion dream team, Sara O Neill, Kristen Gillespie, Khara Pringle, IKEA BELFAST, Live fashion installation

I adore the vintage / stepford / psychobilly style Sara opted for with her imagining of these pieces as fashion and find these pieces rather wearable! Despite the fact that I'm a complete sucker for a circle prom style skirt, which Sara pulled off to a T, the pussybow on the blouse? That's completely wearable now!

Of course I had to ask Sara where her inspiration came from for this project, we're all aware of her stunning silk creations inpsired by Irish folklore and Mythology so this was a huge step to the left for her and I was curious as to why she had decided to go for the stepford style. Here's what she had to say;

"Stepford Wives are the domestic dream-the beautiful, perfectly turned-out housewife- but with a freaky secret, an edge, and I felt a similar mood was coming through in the GILTIG range- cups and saucers, napkins, tableware- every day domestic items- all emblazoned with gorgeously gruesome eyeballs, fish, crazy cats. There's something very cool and slightly unnerving about taking these items and giving them a serious twist. When I viewed the range I couldn't get the Stepford Wife idea out of my head, so I created that archetypal 1950s domestic goddess outfit for our model Kristen- the full circle skirt, the petticoats, the pussy-bow, but with that pyschobilly-style eyeball print. Pleasantville meets B-movie horror."

Fashion meets Interiors at Ikea Belfast, The IKEA GILTIG Collection, Irish fashion designers
All in all this was an NI fashion moment that made me stop and say 'WOW!' A fantastic concept that was executed beautifully, I'd love to see more of this, lots more!

Fashion the way it should be; imaginative, creative, outside-the-box and eyecatching, oh so very eyecatching. 

GILTIG is one of three fashion and style inspired IKEA collections, a collaboration with London Menswear Designer, Katie Eary, designed to catch the eye and the imagination. In June we are promised a collection by Walter Van Beirendonck, GLODANDE, and September will bring another collaboration, this time with textiles designer Martin Bergstrom which will be named SVARTAN. Ikea have always been renowned for being able to bring us affordable home style, this latest bout of fashion focused collaborations are sure to cement their home style status even more.

Have you been to see the GILTIG collection at IKEA yet?

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