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Allergy Awareness with Allergy UK | GIVEAWAY

This week marks Allergy Awareness Week in the U.K. To mark this week and to try and raise awareness regarding allergies and intolerances, I've teamed up with Allergy UK to offer some useful information and to offer one of you the chance to win a fantastic allergy friendly beauty box worth £100! All of the products included have been specially chosen to suit those with allergy or intolerant prone skin, which can happen at any stage of our lives.

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For instance, did you know...

- An allergic reaction to cosmetics due to a contact allergy can affect anyone, any time and at any age. It's often life long and can be caused by products you've used in the past without problems
- Even natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions, some of those being lavender, tea tree oil and balsam of Peru
- Fragrances and preservatives are some of the most common triggers of allergic reactions
- Labels such as 'natural', 'organic', or 'pure' offer NO protection against allergic ingredients
- Symptoms of a reaction are often that skin will appear itchy, sore, red and can become flaky and dry
- Allergy UK has a helpline for questions on skin allergies and how to reduce or manage an allergic reaction 01322 619 898

With all of this in mind and to help me understand allergies a little more, Allergy UK were kind enough to send me out a beautiful box of allergy friendly beauty products to try at home. Read on to find out what you could win!

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I was very excited to see the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra products as I've heard fantastic reports and they have the Allergy UK stamp of approval which means they've been thoroughly tested, reviewed and, in some cases, clinically evaluated, so you know that they are safe for you to use if you are allergy prone.

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Natorigin are a new-to-me brand and already I'm blown away. The little lipstick is a gorgeously coloured balm style lip product that felt really nice on the lips and lasted longer than I had anticipated. Though it's not built for longevity it's a product I'd be happy carrying around in my bag for reapplication when necessary.

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Allergy UK, Allergy Awareness, Natorigin, Native Unearthed volcanic deodorant, beauty blog review

Keeping with my newly discovered favourite brand, Natorigin, I also had the chance to try out their Liner in Noir. This is a product I was excited to try as already my own intolerances are playing up. Whenever we head into the sunnier months, you can guarantee that applying and maintaining my makeup can be troublesome to say the least. Eyeliner and mascara in particular. My eyes stream constantly any time I go near my face with either of those products and because I like to use liner on my waterline, it's a teary mess every time. I gave this liner a thorough testing on a sunny day AND NO TEARS! I was delighted! Their mascara, again, caused me no issues at all (though I'd suggest giving your lashes a little curl before applying).

I'd wanted to give a special shout out to the fantastic Native Unearthed Natural Deodorant which has surprisingly turned into quite the little saver for me personally. I have terrible night sweats and hot flushes at the moment and finding a deodorant that is gentle but also effective had become impossible but on a whim I'd applied the Native Unearthed one the other day and was hugely surprised and delighted that it made a huge difference!

To round off, here are 6 tips on reducing the allergy risk of cosmetics use

1. Minimise the use of fragrances in products
Perfumes are one of the top cosmetic allergens, so make sure to minimise fragrances in your skincare, cosmetics etc An easy and effective tip is to spray perfume on your clothes instead of your skin. It reduces skin contact and the risk of allergy.

2. Don't trust 'Natural' and 'Organic' blindly
Though a  product may be labelled 'natural', 'organic' or 'plant based', it might still cause an allergic reaction. Some plant extracts are highly allergenic, such as tea tree oil, lavender, citrus extracts etc

3. Check the ingredients list
An ingredients list on a cosmetics product is often a long list of chemical names that can be difficult to understand. However, keep an extra eye out for Methylisothiazoline (MI), parabens and Phenylene Diamine often found in hair colour. If in douct check with your dermatologist or GP.

4. Minimize skin contact with allergens
If possible, make sure that the products that come into direct contact with your skin, such as deodorant, body lotion and sun screen, are without allergens like perfume and fragrances.  

5. Avoid or minimise use of permanent and semi-permanent hair colour
Sorry! Hate to be the bearer of bad news but it's a big stresser of allergies. Phenylene Diamine is almost always found in permanent and semi-permanent hair dye and it's highly allergenic.

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6.  Look for Allergy UK's seal of approval
If you want to make sure there are no allergens in your products then simply look for the Allergy UK Seal of Approval or the Allergy Friendly Product Award. Allergy UK subject all of the products they give their seal to to rigorous testing or clinical evaluations to ensure they are as safe as possible for your use.  

So, that's you all filled in on Allergy UK, now for the exciting part! Would YOU like to WIN a box packed full of lovely allergy friendly products (worth £100!)?

In order to be in with a chance of winning a box (like the one shown above), just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form - it's very easy, I promise!

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Good luck and if you wish to read more on Allergy UK and what they do / the advice and info they offer, head to the Allergy UK website

*This post contains gifted items

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