Friday, 29 April 2016

Allergy Awareness with Allergy UK | GIVEAWAY

This week marks Allergy Awareness Week in the U.K. To mark this week and to try and raise awareness regarding allergies and intolerances, I've teamed up with Allergy UK to offer some useful information and to offer one of you the chance to win a fantastic allergy friendly beauty box worth £100! All of the products included have been specially chosen to suit those with allergy or intolerant prone skin, which can happen at any stage of our lives.

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For instance, did you know...


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Lancôme Juicy Shaker

The lip gloss game has been changed. Long gone are the days where a lip gloss would mean nothing but a sticky and (let's be honest) annoying mess. We were always taking a risk wearing gloss out of the house, especially if it was windy as it meant, inevitably, when the wind picked up your hair would become stuck to the gloss you were wearing on your lips. Not a good look I'm sure we can all agree...

Lip gloss was always, before now, the last product I would ever reach for. Consider me reformed following the release of Lancôme's new Juicy Shaker. A pigment infused bi-phase lip oil.

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Monday, 11 April 2016

Fashion meets Interiors at IKEA Belfast

You'll rarely find me at events or happenings. I'm simply not that type of blogger (I'd never make it as a socialite!) You'll very rarely find me blogging about events either, unless there's something tangible or a little bit amazing to actually write about. This is one of those instances. Something a little bit amazing took place in IKEA Belfast recently and I think it will become apparent rather quickly why I had to tell you all about it.

I have a few favourite Irish and Northern Irish designers, all of them bringing something exquisitely different to the table and it's magical to be able to watch them grow into their craft. Rare talents and serious skills can be found scattered across this green isle of ours and one such talent has graced these pages before! It's this talent I'm here to chat about today...

A few weeks ago the wonderful Sara O'Neill teamed up with IKEA Belfast for a hugely exciting and wildly different type of project. 

To celebrate the launch of GILTIG, a very new, limited edition collection of homewares, IKEA  Belfast teamed up with the stylist and designer extraordinaire and her dream team. Intriguing, right? Just wait until you see what they came up with!

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The 4 P's Guide for Staying Safe Online

It's not really news to the majority of us, the fact that there is a raging dark underbelly to the internet. More than likely, you've already had experience of it yourself. I know far too many people who fall into this category. Good people, kindhearted souls that just tried to find something good to cling onto online.

The quiet soul who wouldn't say boo to a ghost that is now able to chat freely online to like-minded people, the creative artist who keeps odd and unsociable hours having the opportunity to connect with other artists, the writers who simply love to fill a little corner online with their musings. Friendships have been born, nurtured and maintained throughout many years thanks to the world wide web. There's no doubt in my mind that it can be a fantastic tool to have at your disposal, whether that's to push your business, allow your brand to have more exposure to a larger potential customer base, make friends outside of your real life social circle and you can even avail of help online for a huge number of differing issues.

But what happens when it turns sour? You get into a heated debate online, you think you're the subject of passive aggressive comments and comment threads, maybe you've experienced out and out persistent trolling. You feel unstable, you feel this positive place you've found is damaging you in a way you can't really understand. You maybe consider shutting down all your online accounts, it might seem drastic to others but when you've reached the very end of your tether with any or all of the above, sometimes it can feel like that's the only option left. Your mood is affected, your family and home life is suffering and you become reclusive online, you start to censor yourself, you second guess every comment and soon, the very place that was your escape before can become dangerous. Yes, dangerous.

When we're chatting to kids about social media and online behaviour we are very careful to point out that online bullying is wrong. There is no room for maneuver or misinterpretation. We aim to protect kids online, to never again have a child feel such despair at something they're going through online that they feel they have no other way out... We are concise and we are direct. Online bullying. Trolling. They're wrong. In fact, they are now classed as a criminal offence.

Do we do enough for adults in the same boat?

Adults seem to be expected to take a little 'back and forth', a little 'banter', if you have an online presence there seems to be an expectation (from some) that you are 'fair game'. Every day I see mud slinging across social media. I see people hurling someone elses situation back in their face. I see people being called the most disgusting names and having to brace themselves against hugely offensive language. I see people putting personal information about others online to be judged, ridiculed and ripped apart.

Would we stand for this if it was happening to our kids......?

No. We wouldn't. We teach our kids how to be safe online but what about us? We know, in theory, how to protect ourselves online but in reality the practicality of feeling safe can all too often escape us.

A lot of you know that a while ago I gave in. I became so disenchanted, disillusioned and depressed due to goings on online. I know I'm not the first and I certainly (unfortunately) won't be the last but it is altogether far too frequent. It happens far too much. Those few years of putting up with repeated jibes, incredibly personal insults and untruths being circulated online did however give me a new perspective. After I fought my way back online and it was a battle, a lot might think it was a battle I didn't need to undertake but I was angry, so very angry that I had allowed myself to be chased offline by bullies. There's that word again... I think sometimes we forget that it also pertains to adults. We tend to expect adults to cope with it better when in actuality, bullying is bullying. It is specifically meant to diminish another person, to make them feel unworthy, a lesser person, bullying is designed to hurt, to cause damage and it's not ok. Not for kids and not for adults.

It's a raging ongoing concern online.

So how on earth does one protect themselves online? How do you shake it off? How do you let it go without allowing it to directly affect you. How do you stop it becoming a danger to your own personal mental health?

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