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Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm, is it the answer to all your primer needs?

Perchance you've been living under a rock and hadn't heard the new 'wonder primer' on the market, only it's not a new product and it's not technically a primer...

Nivea (for men) Sensitive Post Shave Balm has been hailed as a wonder product, a must-have for any makeup lover, a rival for high end primers that we know and love. Is it really all that though?

I admit to feeling a little excited when I came across this little tub of wonder product when I was clearing out the bathroom recently. Mr SGB had long since abandoned it as an actual post shave balm (opting for Bulldog instead which he prefers and does a better job on sensitive skin - diddums!). So, here I was, holding this little tub in my hand thinking all my primer dreams had come true. I'd read the reviews, I'd seen the hype, I was so ready to be wowed.

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The thinking behind this product-as-a-primer is that it contains glycerin, a wonderful little ingredient that allows for that tackiness in helping your makeup stick. It's also geared towards sensitive skin types so it won't cause a flair up. It sounds pretty perfect, right? Right. Especially when I tell you it comes in at just over a fiver and the chances are if you have a man about they might even already have this (this is where the whole ''what's yours is mine'' line comes in handy).

Anyway, off I tottered with my 'holy grail' wonder product, ready to give it an enthusiastic whirl.

I opened the top and popped some of the post shave balm onto my hand. Just a heads up, it comes out pretty quickly... Once I'd got rid of the excess (all the time wishing for the dainty primer pumps and tubes I'm usually using), I started applying it to my face and I knew right away this wasn't going to be for me.


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Not a little bit of man smell either, a kind of in-your-face-you-smell-like-a-man type of scent, with bottom notes of bathroom...?! It really wasn't pleasant. At. All.

I got over it though or at least I tried to. I really did try to. I applied my makeup as usual. I did find here that makeup wasn't as easily blended and I seemed to use far more foundation than usual. Onwards I went though, through the whole day with my face-that-smelled-like-man.

How did my makeup fare? It stayed on.

Did it fare any better than other days where I've used my Me Me Me primer or my Art Deco face base? Nope.

It did the job.

But I stunk of eau d'man ALL DAY and I couldn't get round it at all. Because you're applying this to your face it's hard to get past the scent of it, for me anyway. I love fragrance and scents, I love floral and I love musk but this was an affront to my poor nostrils. On Mr SGB I barely notice it as a smell but when I was wearing it I found it so incredibly overpowering, even drenching myself in perfume did little to alleviate the assault on my nose.

Here's the thing, there'll always be little hacks cropping up and some of that information can prove really useful. Slept over at a fellas house and stuck without primer? Spot this in the bathroom? Use it, it does work at keeping makeup in place but be prepared to smell like that fella. Considering ditching the primer you know and love for this little primer hack? I wouldn't bother...

Have you tried the Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm as a primer? Did you make it past the smell? I couldn't do it.
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