Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm, is it the answer to all your primer needs?

Perchance you've been living under a rock and hadn't heard the new 'wonder primer' on the market, only it's not a new product and it's not technically a primer...

Nivea (for men) Sensitive Post Shave Balm has been hailed as a wonder product, a must-have for any makeup lover, a rival for high end primers that we know and love. Is it really all that though?

I admit to feeling a little excited when I came across this little tub of wonder product when I was clearing out the bathroom recently. Mr SGB had long since abandoned it as an actual post shave balm (opting for Bulldog instead which he prefers and does a better job on sensitive skin - diddums!). So, here I was, holding this little tub in my hand thinking all my primer dreams had come true. I'd read the reviews, I'd seen the hype, I was so ready to be wowed.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

PS Love to Glow Face Mask vs Glamglow

When the news was picked up that Primark were to bring out a skincare range, it's safe to say we all got a little excited. By now we've all given penneys budget makeup brushes and makeup a whirl and the verdict is a definite thumbs up by all accounts and rightly so. Their brushes seem to be good at their job and their lipliners are second only to my Essence and Rimmel lipliners in regards to the colour pay off and the longevity. Pretty impressive for the price. In fact, so impressive that we feel we can battle through the untidy and messy shelves at our local Primarks in order to locate the prized products we're looking for on any given day. ''Worth it'', we tell ourselves as we tut and search through the already-opened-and-damaged stock.

So, when we heard that Primark were launching skincare, it was reason enough to get excited.

And then the first  products dropped and the hype went into overdrive. Why? One of the products, the face mask, was hailed as a dupe for..... GLAMGLOW! I was hesitant to believe such a claim, I have glamglow and I adore it. Of course, considering the £40 price tag Glamglow boasts, the best case scenario would be for this Primark Love to Glow face mask to be a dupe, right? Right.

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Let's get to it...


Monday, 7 March 2016

Asos Bridal is Here!

Affordable and stylish wedding dresses are now even easier to find thanks to fashion forward brand, Asos. A long time favourite shopping haunt of many a fashionista, Asos have today launched the first few pieces from their own Bridal range, ASOS BRIDAL, here in the U.K.

When news first broke that Asos were setting their sights on the bridal market, I had high hopes. Visions of Solange Knowles and her stunning caped bridal creation sprung to mind. This was Asos, it was bound to be an all round winner, right?

Now that the first few pieces have dropped, it's plain to see that this might actually work. Asos are clearly opting to aim for the more casual, laid back, less traditional bride and it's a winning formula. With celebrities such as Olivia Palermo choosing to shun the classic wedding gown, deconstructed and less formal bridal wear is having a moment.


Thursday, 3 March 2016

BIRCHBOX : The Beauty Subscription Box That Had Me Return

I started with Feelunique, followed that with Glossybox and I finished with Birchbox. That was my beauty subscription box story... until now!

Back when I was subscribing to all the above I had to make a choice. Were my beauty box subscriptions actually worth the money I was spending on them. In fairness, the products always cost more than the subscription but I found I wasted so much product, I gave the majority away to friends and family after deeming them unsuitable for me. After a while it seemed silly to keep paying out money for samples and products I simply wasn't using. Made more sense at that stage to treat myself to one or two full size products from my wish list instead.

Then Birchbox teamed up with Spectrum Brushes and the game changed.

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