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Valentine's Gift Guide For Her | Budget Version

A lot of us, though we kind of like the idea of pretty Valentine's Day gifts, are realists. February is so soon after Christmas and the New Year and let's be honest... in a lot of households, money is still very tight and spare pennies are scarce. It can really take the fun out of something like Valentine's Day, but it doesn't have to take the heart out of the day at all!

A token of love, a gift given with good intentions and with feeling behind it could cost as much as you want it to or as little as you can afford. Some of my most treasured moments are when my baby hands me a daisy, that he picked from the garden and it didn't cost a thing. Not a penny.

I know though, on something like Valentine's Day, a garden daisy might not feel the best gift to give and I know we can't all be splashing the cash on items like those I included in my High End Valentine's Gift Guide, so I've put together a quick budget friendly version as well.

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Tulips Bouquet £25.00 | In Your Dreams (bath bomb gift set) £9.95 | Lily O'Briens Chocolates £6.50 | Heart Pom Pom Key Ring £8.00 | Karma Necklace €20 | Love Bug Glitter Scented Candle £12.00 | White LED Lights Heart Plaque £9.99

Here's the thing, a lot of retailers (whether they like to admit it or not), around Holidays and days like Valentine's Day, simply upstyle a lot of existing products. Take Tesco for instance and their lovely Tulips Bouquet at £25... If you're being restricted for budgetary reasons this Valentine's Day, pop into Tesco and pick out a few little bunches of flowers instead. Opt for Tulips (which can cost as little as £3), mini Roses (you can pick some bunches up for around the £3.50 mark) and some Baby Breath or something green based with leaves (just NO carnations!). Head to the craft section of your local Tesco or whichever department store you're shopping in and pick up some tissue paper, costs next to nothing! And, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, grab a little spool of ribbon and simply make a bouquet up yourself. Ok, it may not look terribly refined but it makes for a very thoughtful gift! 

Whilst you're already in Tesco, you might notice their seasonal aisle of gifts and chocolates. You'll often find a lot of offers on and you should absolutely not feel bad about taking advantage of a good offer. It doesn't lessen the gift you're giving at all. In fact, I noticed my local Tesco is stocking my favourite chocolates ever (Lily O'Briens), at a very affordable price (considering they're absolutely gorgeous!). 

Nothing says 'I love you' like giving someone time to themselves to relax and if you had a hand in that relaxation then you're winning some serious brownie points. That's why the Lush bath bomb gift set is a great idea! If that's still a bit on the pricey side, why not pop into a Lush store and pick up a singular bath bomb, you could even run her bath for her, light some candles and let her have that time to just bliss out. She'll thank you for it! Speaking of blissful relaxation time, if you're looking to buy a scented candle that stays within the Valentine's Day theme, I couldn't recommend the Love Bug candle more, it's cute and it smells delicious! Costs less than Yankee Candles too! If this is too extravagant, get thee to Primark as they have gloriously scented candles for just a few pounds each. 

If you have a few extra £'s to spare then I'd suggest something fun or something meaningful, it depends on your partner. The Heart LED Lights Plaque is a fun idea that could really spruce up a bedroom, why not gift it alongside a card that says something like 'you light up my heart' with a wee winky face. It's cute! Cute is definitely ok on Valentine's Day, even if it would usually cause her to projectile vom any other day of the year. Similarly, the heart pom pom from Asos. It's just cute and bound to raise a little smile. 

If you want to get serious and opt for a piece of jewellery but find yourself on a tight budget, I'd recommend something along the style of the Karma Necklace. I was gifted this by Mr SGB at Christmas and I've worn it so much already. It's a lovely idea, a meaningful symbol and it's a beautifully delicate piece of jewellery which looks a lot more expensive than it's €20 price tag. 

And there you have it. Valentine's Day doesn't have to cost the world. You could even pop into Poundland, pick up one of the £1 photo frames and personalise or decorate it (check out my tutorial here, you can use NAIL POLISH!) and pop her favourite photo of the two of you into it. Simple! 

Whatever you do just stay away from stuffed animals clutching hearts, garage flowers, trashy lingerie and household appliances as gift ideas... trust me!  

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