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Oscars 2016 Fashion

It's the red carpet we all look forward to but did our beloved screen stars let us down in the WOW! stakes at last night's ceremony? There was certainly an abundance of straight, shapeless frocks and a fair few 'what were they thinking' moments. It's like some missed the memo that this was THE OSCARS. Still, there were plenty of frocks on display that were incredibly dreamy and everything you wish you could get away with wearing.

A big trend on the red carpet last night was white or bridal-esque style looks and gothic style crept even more to the fore cementing the romantic gothic trend for this upcoming season.

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YASSSS! Dreamy, romantic, dark and brooding, a good black gown will always win especially when you add details such as lace, nude coloured underlay or sequins. It's a combination that cannot go wrong. Black will be the forever elegant choice and a fair few stars opted to go dark for this year's red carpet. Much as though I love the neckline detail on Julianne Moore's Chanel gown, it fell just a little flat in comparison to the stunning Dior gown fan favourite J-Law opted for. Layers of lace with nude detailing. Her slick bob just adds to the look. Designer Dennis Diem catapulted Dorith Mous into everyone's eyeline last night, that dress is EXQUISITE! Admittedly, I had to take to google to work out that Dorith is a model, definitely a name that will be on everyone's lips today and rightly so for she hit it out of the ball park.

Oscars fashion 2016, who wore who, Lady Gaga, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara
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The Bridal trend is still going strong, this trend has sweeped through all of the award ceremonies recently and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. I'm down with that,  it's very pretty to look at. It's a little safe though which is why Lady Gaga's Brandon Maxwell choice was such a breath of fresh air. This dress / trouser suit combo with it's cleverly cut neckline is just stunning and the fact that she went all white made for a real style statement. Though Cate Blanchett's floral Armani Prive gown was a little safe, the addition of the trailing flowers was so romantic and dreamy I couldn't help but save a space for her in this line up. Rooney Mara held fast to the gothic lingerie style, wearing a beautiful creation by Givenchy. The hairstyle let's this one down a little... and the shoes... I can't be the only one who kinda wishes she'd opted for chunky boots.... or a black shoe?

Oscars 2016 fashion, who wore who, Chrissy Teigen, Kerry Washington, Brie Larson
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These were the three that almost didn't make the cut here today BUT were saved by their attitude in wearing what they were wearing. It's all in the confidence! Chrissy Teigen has been killing it in the pregnancy style stakes and her choice of this amazingly detailed Marchesa gown was spot on. Would we have expected anything less? Kerry Washington just wows in this gladiator inspired style gown from Versace. On anyone else this dress would make me stop and think 'really?' but Kerry carries it off spectacularly and finally in this category we have to give props to Brie Larson who has landed herself in the 'fashion miss' categories of every round up I've seen so far. Brie went with a ruffled Gucci dress that seems to have missed the mark with a lot of people. I kinda like it.... well, that's maybe a bit strong... I appreciate it? The colour was a bold step away from what everyone else went with and the neckline is all kinds of gorgeous, I don't even mind the ruffles (hey, if you're going to do ruffles you might as well do it on the red carpet!), I think it's the sequin detailing at the waist. It cheapened the look and gave the gown the appearance of something you might find down at TK Maxx...

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And so we come to the last, but not least, category. The winner in this category HAS to have been Margot Robbie in her Tom Ford Oscar reminiscent style gown. This girl can do no wrong in my book, she oozes grace and glamour and I adore her style choices. Charlize Theron in Dior absolutely sizzles, largely due to the plunging neckline which others didn't pull off quite so well, such a fine line between classy and trashy... Let's finish off with the gorgeous Saoirse Ronan bedecked in Calvin Klein sequins. Admittedly, I find this choice a little drab which was disappointing as we love supporting home grown talent BUT she pulled it off so very well so props where props are due. The neckline saved her... but, it's a little shapeless and doesn't really pack the punch in the style stakes. Still though, deep green sequins and a plunging neckline? Hard to go too wrong!

All in all it wasn't the best year for Oscar's fashion and yet again we're left with that feeling that everything fell a little flat, with the exception of a few notables of course. I was hoping for more chiffon, more silk and definitely more structure. So many stars went for the plunging neckline that it almost became common and boring to see last night however, I know I wasn't the only one LOVING that so many opted for a gown with a train!!

Dorith Mous though. She's my winner of the night. I hadn't even heard her name before she glided up the red carpet in her Dennis Diem gothic / creature of the night creation.

Who was your winner?
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