Sunday, 10 January 2016

Ebay Watch List Inspiration

This weekend has been a thrifty one, the sort of weekend only a bleak January can offer up, when treats are few and far between and the month is long and cold, let's not forget the torrential rain and wind. The worst.  Definitely a time of year to get into your pyjamas when you get in the door and hunker down for the night.

Having to watch your pennies doesn't mean you have to go without treating yourself though, so I've rummaged around in my Ebay Watch List for some thrifty treats inspiration.

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1. Large Cosmetic Makeup Brush | 2. Paisley Chelsea Boots | 3. Feather Watch | 4. Nail Polish Clear Display Sticks | 5. Fruit Infuse Bottle | 6. Crescent Moon Hair Clip 

So many goodies for so few pennies. 

The cosmetic makeup brush is allegedly a really good dupe of the IT Cosmetics Jumbo Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush (which would set you back anywhere from 50 dollars upwards). Tip came from Cherry Sue and boy do we thank her for it! This Ebay offering comes in at under £3 with free delivery and apparently you won't be able to tell the difference! 
Carrying on the thrifty thread, I am OBSESSED with feather jewellery and adore the (cheaper than chips) feather detail watch, so gorgeous! And those designer inspired hollow moon hair clips are perfect for clipping back those unruly tresses. 
With January always comes a slew of us trying our best to be a little healthier and I know I always start the New Year promising myself I'll drink more water and I find fruit infusion bottles are a great way to add flavour to your water intake. 
Not a very exciting pick but I always try and have some nail polish display sticks around as they're brilliant for organising your nail polishes - no more having to apply before you try! 

The paisley chelsea boots? They're totes not a necessity, nor the thriftiest of the bunch but aren't they the cutest!? Watch out 70s! 

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