Thursday, 28 January 2016

No Sugar CLEAN Oat Flapjacks | Recipe

When I undertook the task of retraining myself how to approach food I hadn't banked on just how difficult trying to eat relatively clean would be. In all honesty, I had visions of myself snacking on nothing but pumpkin seeds, chai and goji berries. Having dinners of leafy greens and my kitchen always fully stocked with avocados. Needless to say that's not quite the way things have worked out.

I've found it extremely hard to cut sugar down and often find myself on the verge of flipping tables over the want for something sweet. Clever me though, I cleared the house of any temptation. Cue last weekend which saw me cursing (like a sailor) at my clean notions and scoffing at health fads trying to convince myself to jack it all in and feed my emotions what they seemed to want. That was chocolate by the way, a LOT of chocolate actually.

So, with no chocolate in the house I had nowhere to turn. Until I realised I had a few ingredients in my cupboard that might might just be the perfect remedy for my sweet tooth without all the nasty added sugars and preservatives.

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This is how our new favourite treat came about. My no sugar, CLEAN, oat flapjacks.


Thursday, 21 January 2016

2015 Beauty Favourites

I've been stuck between wanting to include more beauty reviews and round ups here on The Style Guide Blog and the curse of winter lighting (or lack of). It is my aim this year to bring you more of my favourite beauty buys and products I've been trialing and on that note I've rounded up my absolute favourite beauty products of 2015.

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Monday, 18 January 2016

Outfit Inspo | Stylish AND Warm

Since retiring the fashion blogging I find I now focus more on key pieces of clothing that I know will get a good amount of wear. No point in having a wardrobe full of party dresses when the last time I went to a party was nearly 4 years ago... Now I pay more attention to comfort and warmth and rightly so saying as we've had flutterings of snow and ice.

Warmth in style doesn't have to mean thermal undies (though if you want to rock your thermal vest you go for it!), it does mean layering though. One layer when it's -1 just isn't going to cut it. Layering doesn't have to mean ''put all the tops on all at once'' it can mean layering socks with tights, skirts over leggings or my favourite, ALL THE FAUX FUR IN THE WORLD.

This is an outfit I've been wearing (a lot) recently and I can safely say I've been as snug as a bug in a rug, even when out!

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Mia Long Sleeve Berry Midi Dress, Boohoo | Faux Fur Snood c/o George at Asda | Faux Fur Cardigan c/o George at Asda | Light Brown Suede Fringe Ankle Boots, New Look | Glamorous Fringe Bag, Asos


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

MuscleFood Premium Nutrition

A new segment to the blog this year will be a journey to health. Readers of The Style Guide Blog will know that last year I made a promise to myself to try and improve my health, both body and mind, though unfortunately I had some setbacks. This year I am back on track and actively trying to stay positive in regards to changing my lifestyle.

A few years ago I went on a Slimming World journey where I lost 11 stone and though, at the time, I felt great doing it I didn't get the results I wanted. It works to drop weight fast but it's not particularly well aimed at nutrition or health benefits. This year I'm beginning a journey to improve my lifestyle and my health. I want to find out if you can really eat yourself better.

With that in mind I have devised my own eating plan and I hope to keep you updated on my progress as well as recipes to try, places to buy good products and some product reviews aimed at healthy living.

First up in this new series we have MuscleFood, a fantastic company that offer premium nutritional foods that you can order from home.

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Ebay Watch List Inspiration

This weekend has been a thrifty one, the sort of weekend only a bleak January can offer up, when treats are few and far between and the month is long and cold, let's not forget the torrential rain and wind. The worst.  Definitely a time of year to get into your pyjamas when you get in the door and hunker down for the night.

Having to watch your pennies doesn't mean you have to go without treating yourself though, so I've rummaged around in my Ebay Watch List for some thrifty treats inspiration.

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Agendas, Planners & Diaries for 2016

New year means new stationery and I couldn't BE more excited about that (even if I tried). My name is Sera and I am a complete and utter stationery geek, I love nothing more than getting a new diary / agenda / notebook and filling it with my ramblings and that first page in a new book? It's hard to find anything that beats that fresh start.

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