Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas | An Emotional Minefield

I suffer with what I believe might actually be a fairly common affliction. Each year I approach the festive season with extreme caution because I know what's just around the corner... There will inevitably come a moment, a moment where I feel so festive that I can't help but allow myself to be swept up in the excitement and I let my guard down and the festive floodgates open with a vengeance.

I don't seem to be able to fully immerse myself in all things Christmas without this situation occurring and it has me baffled to be completely honest. I've no tools to tackle the issue with because I can't seem to pinpoint the actual issue and so I thought I'd take to these pages to ask. Do you suffer from over-emoting at Christmas?

Picture the scenes (I don't have to, I've only recently lived through them...).

You're in Tesco (or somewhere similar), you're going about your business as best you can. The sound system kicks in and the first notes of Fairytale of New York (for instance) hits your ears. Suddenly you find you're struggling to keep the tears that are prickling at the sides of your eyes from falling, you're having to measure your breathing so you don't embarrassingly sob aloud.

Perhaps you're at some kind of event where they are switching on Christmas Lights?
The hype and excitement have you feeling incredibly festive, there may even be smiles and laughter. Then the lights come on and you start bawling at the sheer beauty of it all. Perhaps you simply happen to be driving through town, the town that has it's Christmas lights turned on? Bawling buckets.

Driving past some beautifully lit up store windows with the radio on? Inevitably a Christmas track will come on and again you find you've become a weeping, sniveling wreck.

It's always so lovely at this time of year that the media focus is on feel good stories, those full of charitable actions and reunited owners of pets or fathers and daughters or airport scenes (oh no, not the airport scenes at Christmas!). I can't watch any of it. I just can't. As soon as I get an inkling of where the story is headed I'm off and we're not talking quiet tears here, nope, full on catching sobs, the really mortifying kind.

Oh and do not get me started on the Christmas Advert phenomenon that we seem to have found ourselves experiencing. Every company seems to have rolled one out and they are EMOTIONAL KRYPTONITE folks. Designed to make you FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS!!! Whether it's the Christmas Day Football re-enactment from Sainsbury's from last year, the Co-op ad from this year where the guy leaves some shopping on his neighbours door or perhaps you are like me and only need to realise that the Coca Cola advert is about to happen.. BAM! All of the tears. Be warned, even when you try and recount the advert to someone who hasn't yet seen it, your voice WILL catch in your throat and you would do well to perfect the ''fake cough'' (just to cover your over-emotional tracks).

What about Midnight Mass on TV or your favourite Christmas movies, maybe you're watching a festive edition of your favourite show. Those people on your screens will start singing beautiful Christmas Carols or songs soon... IN. UNISON. And yes, if you're anything like I am you'll be crying again. What about when they start singing the Christmas songs as they discover the true meaning of Christmas?

That'll see me sobbing for a good 15 minutes. Every. Time.

Hilarious, right?

Not really.

There is nothing funny or festive in finding yourself bawling in the fresh produce aisle just because you heard a song about a drunk and a drug addict that is somehow synonymous with feeling all the feelings at Christmas time.

Do you suffer with over emoting at Christmas? I know there are more of you out there! We should all get together and cry tears of festive feelings, mind you the thought of that alone might set me off...

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