Saturday, 19 December 2015

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide NI

Try as we may every year we find ourselves in the same situation. We think we've everything sorted or maybe we didn't even start, yes I'm talking Christmas gift buying. I always promise myself that the next year will be different yet here I find myself again, searching out last minute gifts for loved ones. Are you in the same boat? Fear not dear gift seeker, I've rounded up some fantastic brands and companies that are either still open to orders for delivery or local businesses that you can pick up a few last minute pressies from.

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Monday, 14 December 2015

What to wear at Christmas

I'm always torn at Christmas when it comes to the important decision of what to wear. I seem to find myself debating whether to go for comfort or glitz every year. Up until now comfort has meant pyjamas and yes, there have been a fair few Christmas days spent in pj's (no judging!) but this year I wanted to do something different like, I don't know, getting dressed for a start!

So that brings us neatly to the issue of party dresses. Try as I might I'm simply not a trousers person, unless it's the aforementioned pyjamas. Leggings I can deal with but trousers are a no go zone. They don't suit my shape, I find them hideously uncomfortable and I love a bit of slouch with my clothes and sometimes that just looks like bulk when trousers are involved. That leaves me with the option of leggings or tights and I've lined up two Christmas outfit looks that feature gorgeous party dresses and not a trouser leg in sight (rejoice!).

First up is comfort because let's face it, there's going to be a stretch situation Christmas Day. Like Joey in Friends, elastication is a must when you're sitting down to a big Christmas dinner and I threw out my maternity pants a very long time ago...

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Fairisle Sequin Knit Tunic | Lace Up Leggings | Flashing Christmas Tree Beanie | Faux Fur Trim Boots


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas | An Emotional Minefield

I suffer with what I believe might actually be a fairly common affliction. Each year I approach the festive season with extreme caution because I know what's just around the corner... There will inevitably come a moment, a moment where I feel so festive that I can't help but allow myself to be swept up in the excitement and I let my guard down and the festive floodgates open with a vengeance.


Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Pin Up in your Life

We all love to give gifts with a little thought behind them, gifts that show you've given thought to whom the recipient is, what they like, what they enjoy. A gift is more than just giving materialistic goods, it's a gesture that shows you've taken time to really think about the person you are gifting. Because I like to really think of a person when I'm choosing a gift, I find I get stuck rather easily. Especially if that person has a solid sense of personal style. It's a little daunting when someone knows exactly what they like. I know Mr SGB gets caught up with this issue every year.

Luckily, I'm here with a little guidance and today we're chatting all things Pin Up, Rockabilly and presents!

By Sam Mercer is a fabulous creator of the most gorgeous accessories that are perfect for all retro lovers. Hair ties, glitter hair and shoe clips (yes, you can transform your shoes!), polka dot clips and bow ties, Sam is a force to be reckoned with (so is her beehive as it happens - is beehive envy a thing, because I sure have it) and can usually be found at her stall in St George's Market, Belfast, however in the run up to Christmas you can find her fully stocked and contactable online also.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Festive Prints with I Love Carousel

It's officially December and that means we can now get excited for Christmas, without restraint. I love the run up to Christmas, it's a time of year where everyone tries to be a little nicer, a little kinder and a little happier. Where a smile and a nod go further than the rest of the year and Christmas cheer can be found on every aisle at the supermarket. What's not to love?

I also adore a festive print and there's no time like Christmas to treat yourself to a pretty new dress (or two), I mean, a Christmas dress is a must, right? And maybe a wee party dress or two?

When I delve into my fondest Christmas memories, one little story shines brighter than the others and that story is The Nutcracker. I have such wonderful memories of being utterly entranced by the story when I was younger and to this day I still make sure I have a Nutcracker decoration and a Ballerina decoration. Now I've found the perfect dress to indulge my fondest memory and it comes from a fantastic Irish store, I Love Carousel. In fact, I fell so much in love with both the dress and the store that this post marks a (fleeting) return to the world of fashion and style blogging!

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Details: Ballerina Print Dress c/o I Love Carousel | Gold Feather Necklace, Primark | Believe Sign, Tesco

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