Monday, 16 November 2015

The Blurt Foundation BuddyBox

If you haven't yet come across The Blurt Foundation, let me tell you a little about the amazing services they offer. A foundation set up exclusively to help those who suffer with Depression, The Blurt Foundation are dedicated to helping others by raising awareness and simply by being there should someone need to chat. On their site,, you can find podcasts aimed at helping you understand and cope with your mental health and also peer support in the form of their fantastic network. They are a foundation that I have had quite a few comings and goings with and I've always left our interactions feeling better about the difficulties I'm facing. They are understanding, patient and passionate about what they do.

Their latest initiative, The BuddyBox, is a subscription box like no other. The BuddyBox is a subscription service that you yourself can subscribe to OR you can purchase one for a friend in need of a pick-me-up.

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The idea is to include feel good items to help pick someone up from the depths of depression, just to let someone know you understand and are thinking of them.

I was kindly sent out the November BuddyBox by The Blurt Foundation and I have to admit, it shone a little light on a dark day and that's what the BuddyBox is all about. Shining a little light.

Each month's subscription box contains different bits and pieces with this month's containing some great little items to get you through Winter. There is some beautiful Clipper Organic Indian Chai Tea, Winter Warming Vaporising Oil, an amazing Verbena & Eucalyptus scented candle by Paddywax Apothecary and some fun in the form of Moustache Fridge Magnets and the brilliant Pop Music Quiz by Ridley's Games Room (gotta love a bit of pop trivia! Especially at this time of year!).

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The Blurt Foundation BuddyBox review, November BuddyBox, Depression, how to help a friend with depression

The BuddyBox can be a rolling subscription service for either yourself or a friend or you could just purchase a one off subscription and there are many different price points to choose from. For instance, you can purchase a one off lite BuddyBox for just £12 or decide to go for the lite BuddyBox rolling subscription at £12 every month. You could choose to purchase the full BuddyBox subscription at £21.50 per month or opt for paying quarterly, 6 monthly or annually.

Much as though mental health and depression cannot be cured simply by gifting someone a box or purchasing one for yourself, something like this does go a long way to letting a friend know that you're thinking about them, that you acknowledge their struggle and that you are there for them. Purchasing it for yourself goes some way to ensuring you have at least one little thing to look forward to in a month and that's important.

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You can find out more about the fantastic work The Blurt Foundation do here and you can purchase a BuddyBox here.

Sometimes all someone needs is to feel as though someone cares. The BuddyBox is a great way to show that, whether it's for a friend or yourself because self-care is just as important!

Find The Blurt Foundation online:
Facebook - blurtitout
Twitter - @blurtalerts
Instagram - theblurtfoundation
Pinterest - blurtalerts

They're there for anyone who needs them. They were there for me.

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