Monday, 9 November 2015

Garnier Micellar, Toner & Miracle Sleeping Cream

There always comes a time in the year if you're anything like me, when your budget is eaten up by the (fast approaching) holiday season. Gift buying takes precedent and so you find yourself having to make substitutions in other areas. That area for me recently, was skincare.

I'd heard about the Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream which happened to be on offer at a time I was replenishing my Micellar Water stash and it seemed the answer to my budget skincare problem. Rejoice!  As I was picking those two items up I spied another product that I thought might benefit my skin, Garnier's Softening Toner, and so that went into the basket also. I was feeling optimistic about my budget skincare purchases!

Were they worth the buy?

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First, a note on the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. At a price of just a couple of £'s, this has fast become a staple in my makeup removing and cleansing routine. It's inoffensive, it does it's job well and I do keep returning to replenish so I'd absolutely recommend it if you need a good Micellar on a budget.

I picked up the Garnier Softening Toner on a whim. It just happened to be on offer when I went in to purchase the Miracle Sleeping Cream. Boasting that it would tone and soften my skin, I thought it might be a good addition to my skincare routine. This is nice to use, I'll grant it that much. Lightly scented and enriched with Moringa extract (known for it's anti-oxident and purifying properties) and Cherry Tree Extract, it IS a nice product to use. It feels lovely on the skin during application and, as always with a nicely scented product, it feels rather luxurious. But did it make a difference? Well, no... it didn't really do much of anything if I'm being honest. Bit of a non starter and not a product I'll pick up again. Complexion issues remain and my skin is no more soft than before I began use.

Onto the newest product to hit shelves, the Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream. I was excited to give this a whirl. It seemed the budget answer to skincare routine dreams. At the moment it comes in under a tenner which is a fantastic price point for a product that boasts serious anti aging properties (such as LHA, Adenosine, Albizia, Hyaluronic Acid, Ruscus Extract, Jojoba Oil and Essential Lavender Oil), which all add up to 'intensive action against the appearance of signs of fatigue and ageing'... allegedly...

This is a scented product which I wasn't expecting. It does smell beautiful and luxurious but it's scent is distinctly similar to the Vichy Idealia range of products. Strangely so. To the point it threw me off a little as I'd just recently taken a dislike to the Vichy Idealia Moisturiser. Needs must though so onto my face it went and as soon as I'd dipped my finger into the pot I knew we really weren't off to a good start. The texture is so strange I still haven't quite got my head around it. If you purchase this expecting a straight forward cream style moisturiser, you'll find yourself a little thrown off too. In fairness to the product, it does state that it is a cream and not necessarily a moisturiser so I guess a little of that is my own fault. However, the texture and consistency of this just felt strange to me. The Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream can best be described as a gel-cream and, try as I might, I can't quite get on board with it.

The important question though, does it work? I very much wanted to say yes to this, that it made a difference to my skin, any difference, any improvement... any reaction... anything. Alas, it seemed a bit of a dud. Supposedly, you pop it on at night and as you sleep your skin soaks up this sleeping cream which is packed full of active ingredients and the packaging alleges that you will notice a difference the very first morning after. I didn't. Nor did I notice any difference a month into using it. Or even two months. In complete honesty, I found I was choosing 'not to bother' as much with my skincare, simply because this product was all I really had to hand for a while.

Here's the thing. You could consider it I suppose. Psychologically at least I felt I was making an effort to try and look after my skin at a time when my budget was seriously tight however, I think I would have been better looking into purchasing some sample sizes of products I know work for me. This simply did not. I almost want to say it's all style and no substance but then it could absolutely be one of those products that isn't for me but might be for you...

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream £8.65 Superdrug 

Have you tried any of Garnier's products?

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