Thursday, 26 November 2015

Christmas and The Big Sale at Cara Pharmacy

I'm sure anyone who is reading this from the South of Ireland know all about Cara Pharmacy and their amazing sales and offers. What those of you in the North might not realise is that Cara deliver to NI! Having ordered there before I can attest to the serious savings that can be made placing orders with Cara, not least because of the Sterling - Euro exchange rate and every little saving really makes a difference at this time of year.

You might be wondering who Cara Pharmacy are, well they're a treasure trove of beauty, skincare, fragrance and gifts. Like a pharmacy that's stocked a little like Boots or Superdrug. They stock amazing brands such as Benefit, NYX and Stila and their sales are utterly fantastic. Speaking of which, Cara Pharmacy has just launched a huge sale on their site with so many offers to be had I couldn't even begin to tell you them all! I will lay out my favourites though... in case Santa is reading!

To kick off Cara are offering 20% off a large range of products, they're also offering 25% off jewellery and best of all? 3 for 2 on Yankee Candles.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

How fashion blogging nearly killed my relationship

I've been fielding a fair few enquiries as to when the fashion and style outfit posts might be making a comeback on this blog. Past readers of The Agoraphobic Fashionista seem to have gotten attached to those posts, more-so than I had ever expected or appreciated.

The thing is... they won't be making a return. Not in the way they were previously done because those posts nearly killed off my relationship with my husband.


In a number of ways...

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Budget Scented Candles for Christmas

Don't get me wrong, when it comes to scented candles I find it's hard to beat Yankee Candles. The scents that they release are perfect for Christmas and the burn time is fantastic however, coming up to one of the most expensive times of the year it can seem impossible to justify the price tag for yourself. However, we all love a little Christmas fragrance about the home in the lead up to the festivities. Luckily, I happened upon some scented candles that are a fraction of the cost and, believe it or not, just as good as Yankee Candles!

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Lacura Beauty at Aldi - what's new

Aldi have been making quite a name for themselves in the beauty department for a few years now and this latest drop is sure to cement their winning budget beauty status. We've all heard tell of that Aldi face cream, right? Well today I'm going to chat to you about their beauty essentials. Three products that will cost you little yet will go a long way in prepping your festive makeup routine.

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I've been trialing three must-have beauty essentials from Aldi, the concealer pen, a black eyeliner and an eyebrow pencil. All priced at under €5! 


Monday, 16 November 2015

The Blurt Foundation BuddyBox

If you haven't yet come across The Blurt Foundation, let me tell you a little about the amazing services they offer. A foundation set up exclusively to help those who suffer with Depression, The Blurt Foundation are dedicated to helping others by raising awareness and simply by being there should someone need to chat. On their site,, you can find podcasts aimed at helping you understand and cope with your mental health and also peer support in the form of their fantastic network. They are a foundation that I have had quite a few comings and goings with and I've always left our interactions feeling better about the difficulties I'm facing. They are understanding, patient and passionate about what they do.

Their latest initiative, The BuddyBox, is a subscription box like no other. The BuddyBox is a subscription service that you yourself can subscribe to OR you can purchase one for a friend in need of a pick-me-up.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Chi Chi London £1 Party Dresses

If you haven't yet heard of Chi Chi and their wonderful dresses, get ready to fall in love. Exquisite beading, embellishments that would make anyone swoon, deep and luscious colour points, this brand know how to do a party dress and do it right.

Chi Chi are a favourite brand of mine and I'm lucky enough to own a few of their showstopping dresses already, I've even blogged a few in the past (back in The Agoraphobic Fashionista days)!

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Aren't they amazing? Wouldn't you like to own one? I know, right! Well! Usually they're a seriously luxurious spend, with a large majority of their dresses coming in around the £60 - £80 mark but fear not, you might well be in luck this week!


Monday, 9 November 2015

Garnier Micellar, Toner & Miracle Sleeping Cream

There always comes a time in the year if you're anything like me, when your budget is eaten up by the (fast approaching) holiday season. Gift buying takes precedent and so you find yourself having to make substitutions in other areas. That area for me recently, was skincare.

I'd heard about the Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream which happened to be on offer at a time I was replenishing my Micellar Water stash and it seemed the answer to my budget skincare problem. Rejoice!  As I was picking those two items up I spied another product that I thought might benefit my skin, Garnier's Softening Toner, and so that went into the basket also. I was feeling optimistic about my budget skincare purchases!

Were they worth the buy?

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

How to use nail polish to upcycle a photo frame

Do you ever just feel yourself struck with a notion? This is exactly the position I found myself in this morning. Since moving home (into a nicer house and better situation), I've been determined to add some personal touches. However, on a seriously strict budget it can be extremely hard to make a house a home. Those personal touches can sometimes cost the earth. Sure, I'd love to be buying handpainted and handcrafted ornamental bits and pieces but for now it's just not possible.

A couple of months ago I happened to be in Poundland and spotted some plain white (plastic) photo frames. Nothing special at all but I thought they might come in handy for blog posts or something and at just £1 they seemed an absolute bargain so I picked a few up.

There they sat, in a box to be unpacked, for months. I hadn't looked near them at all until this morning when a notion took hold of me.

Last week I had ordered a few new nail polishes from Fragrance Direct (they had a free shipping code, it seemed rude not to) and finally managed to pick up a couple of polishes I'd long since had my eye on. Orly Rage and Essie Summit of Style. I picked these up for festive nails however... the white photo frames where begging for some upcycling this morning and so that's just what I did.

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Postcard Quote from Pretty in Petite


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

What to watch on Netflix : Series Edition

It's been a little quiet around these parts as we experience our very first Mid Term Break and what an experience it has been! It's safe to say as the dark evenings draw in, I've been fit for nothing more than becoming one with my sofa and zoning out to my latest Netflix binge.

We've been signed up to Netflix for a few years now and the subscription service just keeps getting better and better, cemented by the few Netflix Original Series' we're seeing pop up now.

Saying as though Netflix and I have been getting better acquainted lately, I thought now would be a great opportunity to fire some recommendations your way. Focusing on series' rather than movie choices this time around because, let's face it, a movie lasts just 90 minutes (give or take), a series can keep you going for days, weeks even if you've learned how to say NO to 'play next episode' (I've not yet learned....).

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