Monday, 19 October 2015

New Look Home

As I sit this morning and cast my eyes around the boxes yet to be unpacked after our latest house move, I find I'm being easily distracted. That's always the way, isn't it? There are always those last few boxes that just kind-of sit around for a while (sometimes years!) after moving home. I'm determined this time around that it won't be the case though but for now I find I'm looking at little home accessories in order to make this house a home.

Possibly my favourite part of moving house is allowing myself a little spend on the bits and pieces that add character to a home. These little bits aren't at all necessary but they sure do help pretty the place up and make it feel your own and I think that's very important, especially in rented accommodation as you can find you're rather limited in what your lease allows you to do.

This weekend I stumbled upon some really cute home accessories nestled in the accessories section of a brand I had no idea did home-ware!

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1 Pink Unicorn Hot Watter Bottle £9.99 2 Black Unicorn Chalkboard £7.99 3 Rose Gold Slim Photo Frame £6.99  4 White LED Star Plaque £9.99 5 Gold Metallic Candle £6.99 6 White LED Lights Arrow Plaque £9.99 
7 Rose Gold Lantern £7.99 8 White Heart Multi Photo Frame £9.99 9 White Daisy Photo Frame £7.99   
10 Silver Metallic Candle £6.99

It's true! New Look Home has launched and I for one am excited and hope they extend their range a little bit. Obviously I think the range is aimed at young adults but at 31 years of age there are some lovely pieces I really wouldn't mind adding to my home, such as the Unicorn Chalkboard and possibly the Unicorn Hot Water Bottle (I see a theme developing here...). The LED Lights Plaques are a great way to add some pizzazz to your surroundings and I'm all for adding a little showbiz! Spotted any pieces you'd like to add to your home?

Right, there are still boxes to unpack though I might have to treat myself to a little home accessories splurge, seems only fair...

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