Thursday, 24 September 2015

World's Biggest Coffee Morning

Did someone mention coffee? I can almost smell it's sweet fragrance already...

Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of the World's Biggest Coffee Morning, a morning where you get to drink good coffee and support a fantastic and worthwhile cause.

Did you know that 16,530 people across Northern Ireland are diagnosed with cancer every year? I know a few people making up that number and I also know how cancer can absolutely devastate a patient's life. Macmillan work to ease that load and they do a wonderful job. Speaking from personal experience, the help, aide and advice they offer both patients and their family is immeasurable. They are aware that dealing with cancer and it's fallout can be a hugely isolating experience and so the Coffee Morning was born. A chance for local communities to come together to support each other, have the ultimate chats, drink really great coffee and eat cake and all for a great cause, raising much needed funds.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Brow Tales | Sleek Makeup Brow Kit in Light

Being a natural redhead means that I was blessed with disappearing eyebrows. They're there one minute and as soon as my face flushes or heats up or I get embarrassed... they vanish. Curses to reddish blonde eyebrows!

Over the last while I've been a little more experimental than usual with my eyebrows. Usually, every 6 months or so, I'll take a notion and head into a beauty salon to have them shaped and tinted (I never EVER pluck at home, can't stomach it!) and am usually happy enough with them, though they're never quite the brow statement I had been wishing for. I suppose there's only so much can be done as not only are my eyebrows light, they're quite fine as well.

It all adds up to one thing really.

How on earth can one with such eyebrows compete in today's Brow Games (think Hunger Games, only it's eyebrows).

Well! A couple of weeks ago I was in House of Fraser, Belfast and a lovely girl at the Benefit Counter magically appeared in front of me, lamenting over my brows. After a sympathetic nod or two she sat me down and began what she described as my 'Brow Transformation'. In fairness, she did a good job at convincing me to be a little bolder in regards to filling my eyebrows though I do believe she maybe got a little over excited as the brows I left with were a little too much on the dark side for me and there was no symmetry BUT a grand job for the 3 minutes she had to spare.

Although the girl used Brow Zings on me in House of Fraser and I was considering the purchase, I came home and 'shopped my stash'. Basically, I emptied out all of my makeup and had an in-depth look at what I already had. Lo and behold, it turned out I already had a brow kit in my makeup collection.

Granted, it's a little grubby as it's been lying in the bottom of one of my makeup drawers but it's still 'in date' and usable.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

70s Bohemian at Matalan

Given that my love of heritage and boho feel clothing goes deep.... Real deep.... It's not surprising that I've been hunting out some of my favourite AW15 pieces.

Obviously we don't all have a Free People budget so it's back to searching out seriously fantastic budget buys and this week I've been zoning in on Matalan whose new arrivals section plays out like a boho daydream.

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Debenhams Foyleside Beauty Hall | A place of dreams

Long time readers of my previous blog, The Agoraphobic Fashionsta, will know by now that in my (almost) 4 years of blogging and writing for various sites, much as though I was invited to events, it was something that seemed a long way off, for a very long time. Many times I watched across social media as my blogging pals attended glitzy blogger and press events in the most wonderful settings.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and my time came. It was with huge trepidation and a bag (or three) of nerves and I was headed off to an evening of celebrations for the newly relaunched Beauty Hall at Debenhams, Foyleside.

Located less than an hour away in the car, nestled in the centre of Derry, is one big shopping centre which houses possibly the biggest Debenhams I have ever set foot in. Granted, I've not been inside a lot of Debenhams stores, in fact I think the last time I was inside a Debenhams was when I had just turned 13 and was being measured for a bra. Let's just say this was an entirely different experience altogether.

The first thing I noticed in walking into the Beauty Hall at Debenhams, Foyleside was how bright, airy and spacious the Beauty Hall is. The lighting enhances every brand, every display and seems to set a lovely shopping atmosphere. Each brand is represented and displayed beautifully for maximum shopping and browsing pleasure and the brands you'll find there? It was truly the stuff of beauty dreams!

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Cosy Autumnal Wear from Heatons

Yesterday. That was the day I started to frantically search for all the cosy jumpers. It's safe to say autumn has crept up and it's only going to get colder from here on in. I'm making it my mission this year to find the ultimate in cosy/warm style and so I've been searching out roll necks, slouchy knits for layering, tube skirts and more leggings, because let's be honest, my legs are rarely out in summertime never mind in the AW months. Blue legs anyone?

As I was trawling through the internet in search of budget friendly knit options, daydreaming about my youth when my Mum would dig out the Aran knits for autumn, I happened across the 'New In' section at Heatons and came across some really cosy looking outfit choices for the colder months.

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Monday, 7 September 2015

Hippenings | Parties, Events & Gift Ideas

The buzz around newly launched Hippenings began weeks ago when it was revealed that this brand new Irish based online store would be the Ireland stockists of the brand-of-the-moment, Rightly so, before now we either had to buy quickly to avoid that pesky out of stock notice on our favourite pieces or pay out obscene postage costs to import from America. Well, no more!

Friday brought around the launch day everyone had been waiting for.

Hippenings is the brain child of Editor extraordinaire, Laura Cunningham, who is no stranger to setting up aesthetically pleasing imaging given that she works on one of Ireland's biggest wedding magazines, Confetti. Laura describes Hippenings as her baby and it's easy to see the love and work she has poured into this project, not only is the website incredibly user friendly, it's also the prettiest site I've had the pleasure of perusing lately. Everything is so colourful, set to clean and crisp backgrounds and the pieces Laura has chosen to stock? Beyond delightful.

Because I was already browsing for my own first purchase, I thought I'd put together a little highlight reel, if you like, to show you some of my own favourite pieces from the Hippenings site.

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