Sunday, 9 August 2015

Vamp London

I recently happened upon a brand that I've since fallen head over heels in love with. On discovery, a handful of items were instantaneously added to the wishlist, particularly from their Sahara Collection.

Vamp London have a number of collections worth casting your magpie eyes over, though it's the spirit of the Sahara Collection that has really grasped my imagination.

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The written introduction to the Sahara Collection on the Vamp London website had me feeling incredibly wistful and full of wanderlust after reading it:
''This stunning new collection draws inspiration from the fiery strength and heat of the Arabian Samoom winds of the Sahara desert. Imagine yourself as the spirit of the sandstorm every time you adorn your finger with these alluring symbols of Middle-Eastern energy. The rings are studded with cubic zirconia, invoking a sensual and exotic opulence. Designed to be worn alone or stacked together.''

This brand has already landed itself in style bible, Vogue magazine and it's not at all surprising considering how stylish and chic their pieces are. I adore jewellery that can be worn as a subtle statement piece as well as being layered to the hilt, should the notion take me.

As I mentioned, it's their rose gold pieces that have truly grabbed my attention.

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Has your inner magpie just gone ''OOooooohhhhhh''?

Prices start from £45 for a pair of earrings and range through to £105 for the most expensive ring in the collection.

I've already popped the brand name down on Birthday ideas and Christmas ideas for any of my family that might need some...

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