Thursday, 20 August 2015

THE Diary

There is a new wave of interest in the social media app Snapchat (yes, I'm on there! Search seraemily), all of my favourite bloggers seem to be hightailing it over to fill us in on their recent purchases and bits they're loving, all in handy snippets of video. It's been fantastic to finally meet the personalities behind some of my own favourite blogs.

One drawback is, it's even more enabling if you're anything like me... It's easy to stay away from reading blogs when you've no money to indulge in pretty things BUT with Snapchat you see it unless you ignore Stories (which I have tried and failed at).

It's safe to say I'm laying the blame firmly at Snapchat's door for this product, after seeing it on Maria's story (catch it on her blog here) and then Michelle from Satchels & Pearls further enabled the need and desire to own such a beautiful piece of stationery.

THE BAN.DO DIARY OF ACTUAL DREAMS! 17 month agenda, stationery geeks, The Style Guide Blog, Stationery

Want to see a little peak of what's inside? It's probably the most awesome diary in the world...

THE Diary, The Style Guide Blog, stationery for adults diary, 17 month agenda, The Style Guide Blog, stationery lovers
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THE Diary, positivity, how to be positive, The Style Guide Blog

Hands up who has missed the diaries of youth? You know the type - exactly like this only you had them as a teenager and they were a little bit more flimsy than this hardbacked beaut!

Nestled within the glorious pale pink and rose gold detailed hardback you'll find stickers, a secret code, a yearly view, dates to celebrate and a list of just about every holiday you can imagine (from National Kick Butt Day to Thanksgiving to National Donut Day). Every month begins with a wonderful illustrated page with a fantastic quote aimed at making you feel good, followed by a double page for notes and then you have a monthly view. After that you have your weekly view which is double spread over two pages. There are brilliant quotes nestled randomly throughout and you'll spend so much time just reading through this diary before putting pen to paper.

I don't want to give all the cool info away, some of the quotes and illustrations deserved to be discovered as they're just incredibly lovely. The diary on a whole is probably the most beautiful piece stationery I own and I treasure it already.

In case you're panicking about buying a diary this late on in the year - don't! This diary starts in August 2015 and goes right through to the end of 2016 so now is the perfect time to invest in it!

These were available on Asos but have since sold out. I had featured it on my own Snapchat and people went wild for it though I'm not even a little sorry as it's truly fantastic and I wish everyone could have one! You can still grab one at Rapt. Presents  and it's priced at £20, which may sound a lot for one little bit of stationery but it's worth it. The diary is available with 3 different covers, the I Am Very Busy cover, the Florabunda, and the Gold Foil option are beautiful also but I have to admit the pale pink and rose gold caught my eye immediately.

THE Diary, 17 month Agenda, Stationery lovers, The Style Guide Blog

Good news for those of you in the South of Ireland, the lovely Laura Cunningham is launching her new venture, Hippenings, soon and will be stocking these as well as other beauties. Find her on Facebook or Twitter if you'd like to see about pre-ordering one for yourself and I'd advise you to head to her Instagram where she is giving away 2 Florabunda style diaries.

Everyone deserves a happy diary, right?

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