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Mermaids Forever by Makeup Revolution | Review & Swatches

It's always a morning filled with excitement when a new eyeshadow palette arrives here. With each one I find myself inching closer and closer to getting around to switching up my own makeup. Neutrals are great and flicks are better but sometimes I do get the urge to sit and watch some kick ass makeup tutorials and get creative.

No better time than now! The Mermaids Forever Palette from Makeup Revolution has newly dropped and as usual, sees Makeup Revolution throw their hat into the ring in regards to a huge trend we're seeing cropping up... Everyone wants to be a mermaid, right?

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Packaging, as always, is spot on. A lovely shiny sea green / blue box which contains the sleek black palettes we know and love from Makeup Revolution. This palette did not contain a brush (just a heads up).

Mermaids Forever Palette, Makeup Revolution, Budget Beauty, The Style Guide Blog

Inside the palette lies 32 gorgeous shades of eyeshadow.

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As you can see it's definitely a palette for dreamers. Some of those shades are exquisite and as I already mentioned, during swatching, they definitely inspired me to think outside the box of neutrals.

Top Row

Makeup Revolution swatches, Mermaids Forever palette, beauty blog, Irish beauty blog, Northern Ireland blog

 Top row shades consist of: Forever, Bay, Myth, Song, Mermaids

Eyeshadow swatches, Mermaids Forever palette, Makeup Revolution

(Continued): Fishtail, Treasure, Imagine

Stand outs in this row are Bay, Song, Treasure and Imagine, which I think would be perfect for attaining that bronzed shimmering glow reminiscent of the luxe look favoured by many celebrities.

2nd Row

Makeup Revolution, Mermaids Forever Palette, The Style Guide Blog, beauty blog, UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland

The second row is pretty beyond pretty: Seashell, Creature, Magic, Urchin, Sea, Land, Kingdom, Harmony.

The stand outs for me here are the pinks surprisingly enough! Magic and Urchin are two stunning colours that I imagine would work really well together for a colour pop eye.

3rd Row

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The third row is where the magic really starts to deepen, as well as the colours: Enchant, Starfish, Pretty, Princess, Waves, Turtle, Mineral, Prince.

I adore the startling golden orange (Starfish) and possibly the two standout shades in the whole palette (for me) are Turtle (the beautiful moss green shimmer) and Mineral (swatches like a beautiful shimmering dark gold / bronze).

Last Row

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The last row builds on the third row in a way, providing shades that are similar but NOT the same: Future, Ariel, Pink Sea, Ocean, Splash, Undersea, Seabed, Whale.

You may think the shades Undersea and Seabed are eerily similar to the 3rd row's Turtle and Mineral, you'd be right in thinking that BUT there are differences, further ensuring each shade you could possibly imagine is covered in this palette of mermaid dreams. Undersea and Seabed are a deeper shade of green and bronze and work exceptionally well with Turtle and Mineral at achieving a more dimensional beauty look.

Usually mossy greens and bronzes are the shades I most want to try in order to shake up my makeup and I think I'm going to sit down later with a cup of tea and get to grips with some tutorials on creating a really WOW! makeup look.

Would you like to hazard a guess as to the price of such a palette? 32 shades of pigmented lushness? £8.00!! This palette reminds me a lot of some of the i-Divine palettes by Sleek and the shadows are just as pigmented and easy to apply. I do find that the darker colours apply better and with only the fallout you'd expect (ie; somewhere in the middle of no fallout at all and a little fall out that's easy to clean up with the darker shades).

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Will you be indulging your mermaid side and picking up Mermaids Forever?

Shop Makeup Revolution here

Also available in select Superdrug stores

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