Saturday, 19 December 2015

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide NI

Try as we may every year we find ourselves in the same situation. We think we've everything sorted or maybe we didn't even start, yes I'm talking Christmas gift buying. I always promise myself that the next year will be different yet here I find myself again, searching out last minute gifts for loved ones. Are you in the same boat? Fear not dear gift seeker, I've rounded up some fantastic brands and companies that are either still open to orders for delivery or local businesses that you can pick up a few last minute pressies from.

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Monday, 14 December 2015

What to wear at Christmas

I'm always torn at Christmas when it comes to the important decision of what to wear. I seem to find myself debating whether to go for comfort or glitz every year. Up until now comfort has meant pyjamas and yes, there have been a fair few Christmas days spent in pj's (no judging!) but this year I wanted to do something different like, I don't know, getting dressed for a start!

So that brings us neatly to the issue of party dresses. Try as I might I'm simply not a trousers person, unless it's the aforementioned pyjamas. Leggings I can deal with but trousers are a no go zone. They don't suit my shape, I find them hideously uncomfortable and I love a bit of slouch with my clothes and sometimes that just looks like bulk when trousers are involved. That leaves me with the option of leggings or tights and I've lined up two Christmas outfit looks that feature gorgeous party dresses and not a trouser leg in sight (rejoice!).

First up is comfort because let's face it, there's going to be a stretch situation Christmas Day. Like Joey in Friends, elastication is a must when you're sitting down to a big Christmas dinner and I threw out my maternity pants a very long time ago...

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Fairisle Sequin Knit Tunic | Lace Up Leggings | Flashing Christmas Tree Beanie | Faux Fur Trim Boots


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas | An Emotional Minefield

I suffer with what I believe might actually be a fairly common affliction. Each year I approach the festive season with extreme caution because I know what's just around the corner... There will inevitably come a moment, a moment where I feel so festive that I can't help but allow myself to be swept up in the excitement and I let my guard down and the festive floodgates open with a vengeance.


Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Pin Up in your Life

We all love to give gifts with a little thought behind them, gifts that show you've given thought to whom the recipient is, what they like, what they enjoy. A gift is more than just giving materialistic goods, it's a gesture that shows you've taken time to really think about the person you are gifting. Because I like to really think of a person when I'm choosing a gift, I find I get stuck rather easily. Especially if that person has a solid sense of personal style. It's a little daunting when someone knows exactly what they like. I know Mr SGB gets caught up with this issue every year.

Luckily, I'm here with a little guidance and today we're chatting all things Pin Up, Rockabilly and presents!

By Sam Mercer is a fabulous creator of the most gorgeous accessories that are perfect for all retro lovers. Hair ties, glitter hair and shoe clips (yes, you can transform your shoes!), polka dot clips and bow ties, Sam is a force to be reckoned with (so is her beehive as it happens - is beehive envy a thing, because I sure have it) and can usually be found at her stall in St George's Market, Belfast, however in the run up to Christmas you can find her fully stocked and contactable online also.

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Polka Dot Pin Up accessories, By Sam Mercer, Christmas Gift Ideas, Christmas Giveaway
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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Festive Prints with I Love Carousel

It's officially December and that means we can now get excited for Christmas, without restraint. I love the run up to Christmas, it's a time of year where everyone tries to be a little nicer, a little kinder and a little happier. Where a smile and a nod go further than the rest of the year and Christmas cheer can be found on every aisle at the supermarket. What's not to love?

I also adore a festive print and there's no time like Christmas to treat yourself to a pretty new dress (or two), I mean, a Christmas dress is a must, right? And maybe a wee party dress or two?

When I delve into my fondest Christmas memories, one little story shines brighter than the others and that story is The Nutcracker. I have such wonderful memories of being utterly entranced by the story when I was younger and to this day I still make sure I have a Nutcracker decoration and a Ballerina decoration. Now I've found the perfect dress to indulge my fondest memory and it comes from a fantastic Irish store, I Love Carousel. In fact, I fell so much in love with both the dress and the store that this post marks a (fleeting) return to the world of fashion and style blogging!

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PRIMARK, Gold feather necklace, red curly hair, festive print, Christmas Dress, The Nutcracker
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The magic of Christmas, Red hair, Ballerina, Festive Prints with I Love Carousel, Irish Fashion, style blog
Details: Ballerina Print Dress c/o I Love Carousel | Gold Feather Necklace, Primark | Believe Sign, Tesco


Thursday, 26 November 2015

Christmas and The Big Sale at Cara Pharmacy

I'm sure anyone who is reading this from the South of Ireland know all about Cara Pharmacy and their amazing sales and offers. What those of you in the North might not realise is that Cara deliver to NI! Having ordered there before I can attest to the serious savings that can be made placing orders with Cara, not least because of the Sterling - Euro exchange rate and every little saving really makes a difference at this time of year.

You might be wondering who Cara Pharmacy are, well they're a treasure trove of beauty, skincare, fragrance and gifts. Like a pharmacy that's stocked a little like Boots or Superdrug. They stock amazing brands such as Benefit, NYX and Stila and their sales are utterly fantastic. Speaking of which, Cara Pharmacy has just launched a huge sale on their site with so many offers to be had I couldn't even begin to tell you them all! I will lay out my favourites though... in case Santa is reading!

To kick off Cara are offering 20% off a large range of products, they're also offering 25% off jewellery and best of all? 3 for 2 on Yankee Candles.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

How fashion blogging nearly killed my relationship

I've been fielding a fair few enquiries as to when the fashion and style outfit posts might be making a comeback on this blog. Past readers of The Agoraphobic Fashionista seem to have gotten attached to those posts, more-so than I had ever expected or appreciated.

The thing is... they won't be making a return. Not in the way they were previously done because those posts nearly killed off my relationship with my husband.


In a number of ways...

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Budget Scented Candles for Christmas

Don't get me wrong, when it comes to scented candles I find it's hard to beat Yankee Candles. The scents that they release are perfect for Christmas and the burn time is fantastic however, coming up to one of the most expensive times of the year it can seem impossible to justify the price tag for yourself. However, we all love a little Christmas fragrance about the home in the lead up to the festivities. Luckily, I happened upon some scented candles that are a fraction of the cost and, believe it or not, just as good as Yankee Candles!

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Lacura Beauty at Aldi - what's new

Aldi have been making quite a name for themselves in the beauty department for a few years now and this latest drop is sure to cement their winning budget beauty status. We've all heard tell of that Aldi face cream, right? Well today I'm going to chat to you about their beauty essentials. Three products that will cost you little yet will go a long way in prepping your festive makeup routine.

Christmas gifts at Aldi, Aldi makeup, Aldi Skincare, The Style Guide Blog, Irish beauty blog

I've been trialing three must-have beauty essentials from Aldi, the concealer pen, a black eyeliner and an eyebrow pencil. All priced at under €5! 


Monday, 16 November 2015

The Blurt Foundation BuddyBox

If you haven't yet come across The Blurt Foundation, let me tell you a little about the amazing services they offer. A foundation set up exclusively to help those who suffer with Depression, The Blurt Foundation are dedicated to helping others by raising awareness and simply by being there should someone need to chat. On their site,, you can find podcasts aimed at helping you understand and cope with your mental health and also peer support in the form of their fantastic network. They are a foundation that I have had quite a few comings and goings with and I've always left our interactions feeling better about the difficulties I'm facing. They are understanding, patient and passionate about what they do.

Their latest initiative, The BuddyBox, is a subscription box like no other. The BuddyBox is a subscription service that you yourself can subscribe to OR you can purchase one for a friend in need of a pick-me-up.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Chi Chi London £1 Party Dresses

If you haven't yet heard of Chi Chi and their wonderful dresses, get ready to fall in love. Exquisite beading, embellishments that would make anyone swoon, deep and luscious colour points, this brand know how to do a party dress and do it right.

Chi Chi are a favourite brand of mine and I'm lucky enough to own a few of their showstopping dresses already, I've even blogged a few in the past (back in The Agoraphobic Fashionista days)!

Chi Chi London £1 Party Dresses, Chi Chi, Bloggers Favourite, The Style Guide Blog, The Agoraphobic Fashionista

Aren't they amazing? Wouldn't you like to own one? I know, right! Well! Usually they're a seriously luxurious spend, with a large majority of their dresses coming in around the £60 - £80 mark but fear not, you might well be in luck this week!


Monday, 9 November 2015

Garnier Micellar, Toner & Miracle Sleeping Cream

There always comes a time in the year if you're anything like me, when your budget is eaten up by the (fast approaching) holiday season. Gift buying takes precedent and so you find yourself having to make substitutions in other areas. That area for me recently, was skincare.

I'd heard about the Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream which happened to be on offer at a time I was replenishing my Micellar Water stash and it seemed the answer to my budget skincare problem. Rejoice!  As I was picking those two items up I spied another product that I thought might benefit my skin, Garnier's Softening Toner, and so that went into the basket also. I was feeling optimistic about my budget skincare purchases!

Were they worth the buy?

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

How to use nail polish to upcycle a photo frame

Do you ever just feel yourself struck with a notion? This is exactly the position I found myself in this morning. Since moving home (into a nicer house and better situation), I've been determined to add some personal touches. However, on a seriously strict budget it can be extremely hard to make a house a home. Those personal touches can sometimes cost the earth. Sure, I'd love to be buying handpainted and handcrafted ornamental bits and pieces but for now it's just not possible.

A couple of months ago I happened to be in Poundland and spotted some plain white (plastic) photo frames. Nothing special at all but I thought they might come in handy for blog posts or something and at just £1 they seemed an absolute bargain so I picked a few up.

There they sat, in a box to be unpacked, for months. I hadn't looked near them at all until this morning when a notion took hold of me.

Last week I had ordered a few new nail polishes from Fragrance Direct (they had a free shipping code, it seemed rude not to) and finally managed to pick up a couple of polishes I'd long since had my eye on. Orly Rage and Essie Summit of Style. I picked these up for festive nails however... the white photo frames where begging for some upcycling this morning and so that's just what I did.

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Postcard Quote from Pretty in Petite


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

What to watch on Netflix : Series Edition

It's been a little quiet around these parts as we experience our very first Mid Term Break and what an experience it has been! It's safe to say as the dark evenings draw in, I've been fit for nothing more than becoming one with my sofa and zoning out to my latest Netflix binge.

We've been signed up to Netflix for a few years now and the subscription service just keeps getting better and better, cemented by the few Netflix Original Series' we're seeing pop up now.

Saying as though Netflix and I have been getting better acquainted lately, I thought now would be a great opportunity to fire some recommendations your way. Focusing on series' rather than movie choices this time around because, let's face it, a movie lasts just 90 minutes (give or take), a series can keep you going for days, weeks even if you've learned how to say NO to 'play next episode' (I've not yet learned....).


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

10 Reasons Why Simply Be Are KILLING It!

We are at the precipice of huge change in the world of stylish clothing, it feels as though we've been teetering close to the edge of change for quite some time now but as the Plus Size Fashion Posse grow in strength, volume and numbers, now is an exciting time in the Plus Size community.

Brands are always just that little (sometimes, a lot!) bit behind when it comes to catching up to what customers want but one brand is absolutely KILLING it right now.

Simply Be have always been a haven for plus size hotties, a store that has a wide range of sizes in actual stylish clothing and, not only that, but their collections, collaborations and brands housed instore and online within Simply Be are second to none when it comes to bigger sizes.

Here are 10 ways Simply Be are KILLING IT in the plus size fashion stakes:

1. The Simply Be Outlet

Simply Be Outlet, plus size budget fashion, The Style Guide Blog
What could possibly be better than finding stylish clothing in plus sizes? Getting a complete bargain, that's what, and the Simply Be Outlet is packed to the brim with pieces that SLAY! Looking for a plus size dress under £20? Simply Be got your back! Shop the Simply Be Outlet here.


Monday, 19 October 2015

New Look Home

As I sit this morning and cast my eyes around the boxes yet to be unpacked after our latest house move, I find I'm being easily distracted. That's always the way, isn't it? There are always those last few boxes that just kind-of sit around for a while (sometimes years!) after moving home. I'm determined this time around that it won't be the case though but for now I find I'm looking at little home accessories in order to make this house a home.

Possibly my favourite part of moving house is allowing myself a little spend on the bits and pieces that add character to a home. These little bits aren't at all necessary but they sure do help pretty the place up and make it feel your own and I think that's very important, especially in rented accommodation as you can find you're rather limited in what your lease allows you to do.

This weekend I stumbled upon some really cute home accessories nestled in the accessories section of a brand I had no idea did home-ware!

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Look Good Feel Better Makeup Brushes

We're currently in the middle of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a cause very close to my own and my family's heart. Having watched my Mum battle breast cancer for many years, I know what the effects of cancer can do to a woman's self esteem.

Look Good Feel Better are a charity who focus on just that. Offering hair and beauty advice for women suffering the visible effects of cancer, this charity are focused on helping patients feel a little better about themselves and before you assume this is for vanity reasons, think again, many women feel completely out of control in facing cancer and having the tools and resources to boost their self esteem a little is giving them back some of that control. We all know how far some war paint can go.

With that in mind, Look Good Feel Better are offering us all a chance to not only support a fantastic and worthwhile cause but also, a chance to up our own makeup game at home with their Look Good Feel Better makeup brush line, the widest range of which can be found in-store and online at Gordons Chemists.

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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Quitting Social Media

I see it every day. At least one person on one of my timelines has had enough, they're considering (albeit publicly), giving up or quitting social media. Sometimes it's Twitter they're considering turning their back on, more times than not it's Facebook (the share if you care stuff gets old really quick) and oft times it's their blog they're considering shutting down.

So, what happens when you commit yourself to packing it all in?

Recently I had the opportunity to find out. The time has come to address the elephant in the room. My sudden disappearance (then subsequent reappearance) on social media and in blogging form.

Let's not waste our time on the why, I'm so very over the why. I'm done talking about people who are not worth the time spent on constructing such sentences.

The how? It was pretty easy. Well, that's a little white lie. It wasn't easy, and I'm not talking figuratively here, I'm speaking literally. It was like separating belongings up after a break-up. Each site wanted to know why? Could they do better as a site? I tried telling them all it was a case of 'it's me, not you' but really, sites do not make it easy for you to quit and be done, in entirety. Apart from Google.

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Halloween Accessories

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 I love when Hallowe'en comes around as the shops are brimming with gothic accessories, and saying as though I never quite left my gothic phase behind, it's a great time of year to stock up on those slightly dark accessories that I adore. An added plus this year is that this will be the first time we may be able to take Kiddo Trick or Treating so we're going all out! Spiderwebbing over the front door, the whole shebang! In for a penny....

I've already purchased a few little bits I intend for use all year round and have rounded up some of my favourites for you today, per chance you and I are like-minded!


Thursday, 24 September 2015

World's Biggest Coffee Morning

Did someone mention coffee? I can almost smell it's sweet fragrance already...

Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of the World's Biggest Coffee Morning, a morning where you get to drink good coffee and support a fantastic and worthwhile cause.

Did you know that 16,530 people across Northern Ireland are diagnosed with cancer every year? I know a few people making up that number and I also know how cancer can absolutely devastate a patient's life. Macmillan work to ease that load and they do a wonderful job. Speaking from personal experience, the help, aide and advice they offer both patients and their family is immeasurable. They are aware that dealing with cancer and it's fallout can be a hugely isolating experience and so the Coffee Morning was born. A chance for local communities to come together to support each other, have the ultimate chats, drink really great coffee and eat cake and all for a great cause, raising much needed funds.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Brow Tales | Sleek Makeup Brow Kit in Light

Being a natural redhead means that I was blessed with disappearing eyebrows. They're there one minute and as soon as my face flushes or heats up or I get embarrassed... they vanish. Curses to reddish blonde eyebrows!

Over the last while I've been a little more experimental than usual with my eyebrows. Usually, every 6 months or so, I'll take a notion and head into a beauty salon to have them shaped and tinted (I never EVER pluck at home, can't stomach it!) and am usually happy enough with them, though they're never quite the brow statement I had been wishing for. I suppose there's only so much can be done as not only are my eyebrows light, they're quite fine as well.

It all adds up to one thing really.

How on earth can one with such eyebrows compete in today's Brow Games (think Hunger Games, only it's eyebrows).

Well! A couple of weeks ago I was in House of Fraser, Belfast and a lovely girl at the Benefit Counter magically appeared in front of me, lamenting over my brows. After a sympathetic nod or two she sat me down and began what she described as my 'Brow Transformation'. In fairness, she did a good job at convincing me to be a little bolder in regards to filling my eyebrows though I do believe she maybe got a little over excited as the brows I left with were a little too much on the dark side for me and there was no symmetry BUT a grand job for the 3 minutes she had to spare.

Although the girl used Brow Zings on me in House of Fraser and I was considering the purchase, I came home and 'shopped my stash'. Basically, I emptied out all of my makeup and had an in-depth look at what I already had. Lo and behold, it turned out I already had a brow kit in my makeup collection.

Granted, it's a little grubby as it's been lying in the bottom of one of my makeup drawers but it's still 'in date' and usable.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

70s Bohemian at Matalan

Given that my love of heritage and boho feel clothing goes deep.... Real deep.... It's not surprising that I've been hunting out some of my favourite AW15 pieces.

Obviously we don't all have a Free People budget so it's back to searching out seriously fantastic budget buys and this week I've been zoning in on Matalan whose new arrivals section plays out like a boho daydream.

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Debenhams Foyleside Beauty Hall | A place of dreams

Long time readers of my previous blog, The Agoraphobic Fashionsta, will know by now that in my (almost) 4 years of blogging and writing for various sites, much as though I was invited to events, it was something that seemed a long way off, for a very long time. Many times I watched across social media as my blogging pals attended glitzy blogger and press events in the most wonderful settings.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and my time came. It was with huge trepidation and a bag (or three) of nerves and I was headed off to an evening of celebrations for the newly relaunched Beauty Hall at Debenhams, Foyleside.

Located less than an hour away in the car, nestled in the centre of Derry, is one big shopping centre which houses possibly the biggest Debenhams I have ever set foot in. Granted, I've not been inside a lot of Debenhams stores, in fact I think the last time I was inside a Debenhams was when I had just turned 13 and was being measured for a bra. Let's just say this was an entirely different experience altogether.

The first thing I noticed in walking into the Beauty Hall at Debenhams, Foyleside was how bright, airy and spacious the Beauty Hall is. The lighting enhances every brand, every display and seems to set a lovely shopping atmosphere. Each brand is represented and displayed beautifully for maximum shopping and browsing pleasure and the brands you'll find there? It was truly the stuff of beauty dreams!

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Mens Beauty at Debenhams Beauty Hall, Clinique, Beauty Blog, The Style Guide Blog
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Makeup Demonstrations at Debenhams Foyleside Derry, Beauty Hall, Irish Blog, The Style Guide Blog
Urban Decay, Debenhams Beauty Hall, Foyleside Derry, Beauty Blog, Northern Ireland
High end perfumes at Foyleside Derry, Debenhams Beauty Hall, The Style Guide Blog, Beauty Blog, Northern Ireland
The Balm, Debenhams, Foyleside, Derry, The Style Guide Blog, Where to shop in Northern Ireland


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Cosy Autumnal Wear from Heatons

Yesterday. That was the day I started to frantically search for all the cosy jumpers. It's safe to say autumn has crept up and it's only going to get colder from here on in. I'm making it my mission this year to find the ultimate in cosy/warm style and so I've been searching out roll necks, slouchy knits for layering, tube skirts and more leggings, because let's be honest, my legs are rarely out in summertime never mind in the AW months. Blue legs anyone?

As I was trawling through the internet in search of budget friendly knit options, daydreaming about my youth when my Mum would dig out the Aran knits for autumn, I happened across the 'New In' section at Heatons and came across some really cosy looking outfit choices for the colder months.

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Monday, 7 September 2015

Hippenings | Parties, Events & Gift Ideas

The buzz around newly launched Hippenings began weeks ago when it was revealed that this brand new Irish based online store would be the Ireland stockists of the brand-of-the-moment, Rightly so, before now we either had to buy quickly to avoid that pesky out of stock notice on our favourite pieces or pay out obscene postage costs to import from America. Well, no more!

Friday brought around the launch day everyone had been waiting for.

Hippenings is the brain child of Editor extraordinaire, Laura Cunningham, who is no stranger to setting up aesthetically pleasing imaging given that she works on one of Ireland's biggest wedding magazines, Confetti. Laura describes Hippenings as her baby and it's easy to see the love and work she has poured into this project, not only is the website incredibly user friendly, it's also the prettiest site I've had the pleasure of perusing lately. Everything is so colourful, set to clean and crisp backgrounds and the pieces Laura has chosen to stock? Beyond delightful.

Because I was already browsing for my own first purchase, I thought I'd put together a little highlight reel, if you like, to show you some of my own favourite pieces from the Hippenings site.

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

THE Diary

There is a new wave of interest in the social media app Snapchat (yes, I'm on there! Search seraemily), all of my favourite bloggers seem to be hightailing it over to fill us in on their recent purchases and bits they're loving, all in handy snippets of video. It's been fantastic to finally meet the personalities behind some of my own favourite blogs.

One drawback is, it's even more enabling if you're anything like me... It's easy to stay away from reading blogs when you've no money to indulge in pretty things BUT with Snapchat you see it unless you ignore Stories (which I have tried and failed at).

It's safe to say I'm laying the blame firmly at Snapchat's door for this product, after seeing it on Maria's story (catch it on her blog here) and then Michelle from Satchels & Pearls further enabled the need and desire to own such a beautiful piece of stationery.

THE BAN.DO DIARY OF ACTUAL DREAMS! 17 month agenda, stationery geeks, The Style Guide Blog, Stationery

Want to see a little peak of what's inside? It's probably the most awesome diary in the world...


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Vamp London

I recently happened upon a brand that I've since fallen head over heels in love with. On discovery, a handful of items were instantaneously added to the wishlist, particularly from their Sahara Collection.

Vamp London have a number of collections worth casting your magpie eyes over, though it's the spirit of the Sahara Collection that has really grasped my imagination.

Vamp London, Boutique Jewellery, Rose Gold Rings, Sahara Collection, fashion blog, style blog, Ireland, UK, The Style Guide Blog

The written introduction to the Sahara Collection on the Vamp London website had me feeling incredibly wistful and full of wanderlust after reading it:

Recipe: Goats Cheese, Roast Pepper & Spinach Crustless Quiche

A lot of our meals here recently are geared towards helping us feed our minds and our body's. I'm becoming a convert to the notion ''healthy body, healthy mind'' and a big part of that is re-educating myself in regards to food. This has pushed us to be a little more open minded in regards to recipes and this particular dish was thrown together with whatever we had lying in the fridge. It turned out rather well and so I thought I'd share it with you as it's a great protein packed dish that is also very low-fat friendly, if you're adhering to that kind of thing!

I've also included a quick-fire recipe for a great homemade potato salad that hardly takes any effort at all, makes a great side for this dish and is always annihilated any time I make it. 


Makeup Revolution Anti Bacterial Makeup Brush Cleaner

I am absolutely terrible when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes and I've recently vowed to get more on top of doing so... more often than I do now. In my endeavor to do so I invested in some makeup brush cleaner from Makeup Revolution and gave it whirl.


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Starting a new chapter (or new blog entirely, as I've done here) means I get to catch you up on some things without muddying where I am now with where I was then. Long time readers of The Agoraphobic Fashionista blog will know that I went through a (well documented) journey with Slimming World. There were pros and cons to that journey and I really do wish to share them with you.

The Agoraphobic Fashionista, The Style Guide Blog, wellness, healthy body healthy mind, Slimming World

Through my time with Slimming World I was able to lose over 11 stone in weight. In my own personal situation, it was weight I had to lose for health reasons. This isn't always the case as size and health do NOT go hand in hand, this was my own personal set of circumstances, everybody's is different.


The Melt Crowd | Flamingo Candles

Everyone loves a subscription box, until you get bored of them (if you're anything like me, that can happen rather quickly!) but Flamingo Candles have come up with a way to combat the tired beauty box subscription services, by introducing a melt subscription box!


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Taking Care of your hands | Roger & Gallet

If there is one brand I love more than any other for their exquisite smelling and exquisitely creamy products, it's got to be Roger & Gallet. Recently, a few new products landed here for me to try and one was so incredibly lovely that I've used it up already. Yup! Before I'd even blogged about it. THAT GOOD!

Roger & Gallet, Taking care of your hands, hand creams, escentual sale, The Style Guide Blog, Irish beauty blog, NI beauty blog, UK blogger


Mermaids Forever by Makeup Revolution | Review & Swatches

It's always a morning filled with excitement when a new eyeshadow palette arrives here. With each one I find myself inching closer and closer to getting around to switching up my own makeup. Neutrals are great and flicks are better but sometimes I do get the urge to sit and watch some kick ass makeup tutorials and get creative.

No better time than now! The Mermaids Forever Palette from Makeup Revolution has newly dropped and as usual, sees Makeup Revolution throw their hat into the ring in regards to a huge trend we're seeing cropping up... Everyone wants to be a mermaid, right?

Makeup Revolution, Mermaids Forever, Eyeshadow Palette, Beauty blogger, The Style Guide Blog


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Local Focus | Sara O'Neill

There is one thing about Ireland that will (and has) always drawn me back from wherever my younger travels had taken me. It's not enough for me to describe it as simply the scenery, even though our landscapes here are anything but simple. It's the magic of Ireland. Wherever you are on the island, you'll never be far from that magic. It sets roots in your heart and it grows with you. That magic, for me, stems from folklore and myths. It is known the world over that Ireland is steeped in magical tales of folklore and mythical stories of Druids and Celtics, Banshees and our faeries (there are still some here that cater their gardens for our winged friends).

One (frankly, amazing) Irish designer and illustrator, hailing from our stunning North Coast where the tides crash and ebb against the sandy shores, can only be described as a true interpreter of those folklore stories of old and she cleverly uses fashion to tell those stories...

Sara O'Neill has been on my radar for a while now, her illustrations and sketches are romantic and dreamy, perfect for engaging your imagination.

Today, I wanted to show you all just how amazing the result can be when you marry Irish folklore, myth and magic together with stunning silk prints.

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