Friday, 19 August 2016

Copper Home Accessories

Even though it's almost a year now since we moved (again), we're just getting around to making this house a home and it was only when I'd decided the colour scheme for our bathroom (greys, copper & greenery) that I realised how deep my love of copper home accessories had grown.

I've always been a fan of metallics for accessories in the home, favouring gold and rose gold usually however I've found with the recent copper boom there are some beautiful ways of incorporating this luscious deep metal shade into your home decor.

Copper Alarm Clock / Copper Pineapple Ice Bucket / Copper Geometric Tealight Holder / Copper Light Up & Sign / Copper Lantern / Copper and Marble Candle / Copper Hammered Bowl / Copper Cushion / Copper Mugs / Copper Chaser Plate / Copper Planter Bags / Copper Wall Clock / Copper Industrial Style Lightshade

One of the top trends for copper that I'm really enjoying is the geometric tealight holders or lanterns. I believe Penny's (down South) had been stocking these and I watched as they invaded Snapchat recently. Unfortunately Primark's UK counterparts seem slow to catch up in this department but I have hope we will see more copper accessories hit instore soon.

In the meantime, the copper plant bag looks perfect for my new bathroom set up and I'm starting to think I should maybe do the kitchen with copper accents too. Such a rich and warm colour which is perfect heading into the darker months.

Copper is the perfect colour pop companion to greenery in the home which is something I've decided to strive more for. I'm not at all green fingered but I'm determined to try this year!

Two stores that seems to be bang on trend with the copper boom are Aldi and Oliver Bonas, both stocking a wide range of affordable home accessories within this colour scheme. Best be quick though, I'm guessing these pieces won't hang around long!

Are you liking the copper home accessories trend?

Monday, 8 August 2016

Natural Beauty with Holland & Barrett

My experience with mineral makeup has been minimal to date so when Holland & Barrett got in touch to tell me about their Natural Beauty range that had just launched in Ireland, I was intrigued. Boasting paraben, SLS and microplastic free mineral makeup, I was excited to see just how well natural makeup would cope on my skin.

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My main concern with Natural makeup (chemical free) is longevity and so I set about trialing the products that had landed with me. I focused on the makeup I would tend to reach for day to day because that's what I would use the most so if I'm trying to eliminate chemicals, this would be a good place to start. Well, aside from the Diet Coke Addiction...

This may seem a small point for others during makeup consideration BUT I have to draw attention to the shade names... Is it just me or is anyone else fed up of all the overly suggestive shade names of certain brands? I liked how Holland & Barrett kept it simple. In particular I loved how the eyeshadow shade, Mississippi Mud was part of a collection called The Earthy Princess Collection - now, that's branding I can get on board with! 

Natural Beauty with Holland & Barrett, cruelty free makeup, mineral blush, irish beauty blog
Mineral Bronzer, cruelty free bronzer, paraben free, SLS free, Microplastic free, beauty blogger

The colours are absolutely beautiful and packed full of pigmentation and though the swatches proved to be rather intense, the products are actually very buildable, meaning they can be as soft or as dramatic as you like.

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Shown here: Beautiful Me Lipgloss, shade: Nude | Beautiful Movements Mineral Eyeshadow, shade: Mississippi Mud | Beautiful Me Mineral Blush, shade: Velvet Dawn | Beautiful Me Mineral Bronzer, shade: Summer Warmth | Beautiful Movements Mineral Foundation, shade: Naked 


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Why I'll Never Buy Into Jeffree Star

While the rest of the world's eyes were firmly on the Kim vs Taylor fallout following Kim's release of that recording, the beauty world's eyes were fixed on the Kat Von D / Jeffree Star fall out.

Jeffree Star is no stranger to internet controversy. The seeds of this fall out were sown years ago, back in his Myspace days where he saw fit to leave hideous comments on teenager's pages. Since then he has enjoyed internet celebrity and the lifestyle associated with that kind of fame. Scores of adoring Twitter and Instagram fans who will go to bat for him should he put the call out and let's make one thing clear... he's not afraid to put that call out, often causing the one person at the centre of his ire to become the subject of an intense bout of internet trolling and bullying. It's brutal to watch and yet hard to look away at the same time.

Throughout the years we've seen Jeffree Star personally use derrogatory language in regards to women, going so far as to threaten to beat down a well known female makeup artist, throw about racist slurs and drag paying customers from one end of the internet to the other for daring to be a little too honest in their reviews of his products. It's been car crash viewing.

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Source: Kat Von D Instagram

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